Monday, June 5, 2006

BMC Practicum

Dear Me,

Two (2) weeks after our BMC lecture, we had a day-trek at Mt. Manalmon as BMC practicum.

A typical day-trek at
Mt. Manalmon consists of river-trailing & river-trekking. It's a brief trek that gives the trekker a breathtaking view of the nearby Sierra Madre range.

Basically, we had hands-on in learning other significant BMC principles. I specifically enjoyed the compass reading part.

I posted some of the photos that we had during the BMC Mt. Manalmon practicum. I would like to acknowledge our group's photographer
Ryu for the wonderful shots. :)


  1. these are nice shots- i simply love landscape and nature too and wish had done more activities of this kind- the most i've done was go up mt sto tomas in baguio, beyond those satellites and the tiny hills of mindoro just to view the ocean. keep it up ivan. ma'am vicks

  2. uy gusto kong tumulay dun sa lubid. parang extra challenge. hehehe

  3. kakalula, waaahhh.. pwede bang magpatihulog na lang sa lubid? wehehhe :D

  4. Wow. That looks like it would be a great time. Too bad i'm nowhere near a country where I can do those things. It's kinda like a realistic "Amazing Race". :)

  5. MA'AM VICKS, these photos were actually taken by Ryu, the photographer of the grp. :) Well, I am wishing that someday I can climb Mt. Sto. Tomas. :)


    JON, why don't you join us sometimes? Sige na, super minor climb lang talaga....=)


    JARY, sama ka din? Dali! Hehehe.


    KEN, let me know when you get back here. I'll bring you there..=)

  6. eisenreich, BMC is basic mountaineering course.


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