Thursday, June 15, 2006

First Time We Met

Dear Me,

I met him on top of the mountain.

Wanting to get back in the mountaineering loop, I decided to join a friend and an officemate in an invitational climb. I was supposedly "not able to make it" but I did.

Since I didn't know a lot of the people who joined, I stuck close with them. I was sort of "not in the mingling, talking, getting-to-know-anyone mood" that time. In fact, I was already getting irritated since we started so late & we got lost in our way to the jump-off.

I was oblivious of him (I didn't know he was with us) before that accident happened. This guy who was supposed to rest after that accident sat down and made himself comfortable near our tent. My tentmates and I were very sleepy and he just kept on talking and talking. Normally, I would find that very irritating but the guy was talking sense.

The next day, I presumed that he liked someone - between my 2 tentmates. I was trying to figure out who but he seemed mysterious & I was getting frustrated. So I urged him, promising not to tell. Thus, the friendship began.

When we got off the mountain and on our way home, he sat beside me, telling funny stories. I wanted to sleep but the guy was so talkative (hahaha).

From then on, sms, calls kept pouring anytime of the day. It felt great to have this guy as a friend. But I still persisted on knowing who he liked better between those 2 girls. But he never told me at all.

I flew to Cebu for a business trip and he picked me up from the airport when I got back. I didn't know that he had plans of bringing me to my house. That was a long way and I didn't think anyone would even think of doing that.

It was a weekend when we were texting that he popped out the "I think I am falling-in-love-with you" stuff. I was so shocked. All this time, it was me. But of course, I didn't believe him.

The guy persisted in so many ways that I could not say no. We've been together for 3 years (June 14 was the first time we met; June 27 will be our 3rd year together as a couple).

I cannot imagine for the life of me that this guy has stood by me through all this time. I hope that God will make us a perfect match...forever...=)


  1. Ivan,
    It's only LOVE. May you last for more than 33 more years and beyond. It's good to have a partner who cares and if i may ask, how did you make it last for 3 years now? Just curious. Ma'am Vicks

  2. ma'am vicks,

    i think i better ask him how he lasted for almosr 3 years now? it's all his doing, i guess...=)


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