Saturday, June 24, 2006

Manalansan (Partial Result)

Dear Me,

Out of the blue, I thought of Googling my last name.

My last name is sort of unique compared to other people's last names. It is not very common such as that of Santos, Reyes, etc.

As far as I know, the surname Manalansan is particular only in the province of Pampanga. I can trace my father's roots from the town of Lubao which is also the hometown of the 2nd lady president of the Philippines. Although, now I know that they are scattered all over Pampanga and some of them had migrated elsewhere, locally or overseas.

Google yielded the following names as results to my name search:

  • Martin F. Manalansan IV - he is a sociocultural anthropologist teaching at the University of Illinois in the US. He wrote his first book, Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora, a critical ethnography of Filipino gay immigrants living in New York City. He took his undergraduate degree in the University of the Philippines.

  • Felix Manalansan - He is a boxer, rated bantamweight. Based on my searches, he resides (or resided) in Mexico City, Pampanga. Web records show that he fought last December 2003 and lost in the bout. As featherweight, he boxed in February 2004 in Makati City.

  • B. Manalansan - Not much info but I found his/her name through a couple of reviews he/she made on certain electronic products sold at I guess he/she is residing in California, USA.

  • Cathy Manalansan - she works as an administration assistant (office coordinator) at the Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center (GEST) located at the University of Maryland Baltimore in US.

  • Carlos G. Manalansan - He is another accomplished professional; this time, in the field of law. He is an associate in the Wolff & Samson PC law firm. They have offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, USA.

  • Dolores S. Manalansan (deceased) - Dolores "Loleng" Samonte Manalansan, 75 years old died in July 1997 in Virginia, USA. She was a food service attendant at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. She was a native of Pampanga.

  • Martin V. Manalansan III - a CPA, a graduate of San Beda College and a mango grower with a 5 hectare farm in Brgy. San Vicente, Lubao, Pampanga. I just wonder how is he related to the accomplished Martin Manalansan from Illinois, USA.

  • Felicisimo H. Manalansan - He writes for Ibon Foundation, an independent research think-tank in the Philippines.

  • Felicisimo S. Manalansan - I guess the person mentioned above is different from this one since they have a different middle initial; unless, it is plain typo error. I found out that he is/was a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since 1965 from an unknown chapter.

  • Ruby Manalansan - She is a 16 years old model based in LA, California. Her ethnicity states Latin-American.

  • Terrylan Manalansan - a web creator based in Imus, Cavite in the Philippines. Managers AllHomePages Web Design Services, a web company offering various web solutions.

  • Bibiana Manalansan - She is a lay minister in the St. Isidore Parish at Yuba City, California.

  • Ely Manalansan - writes for; works as an information officer at the Center for Environmental Concerns located at Quezon City, Philippines.

  • Benedicto Manalansan - I think this person is also the B. Manalansan I have previously mentioned. Mr. Benedicto also made another electronic product review at AudioCubes.

  • Leonardo Manalansan - He was convicted and sentenced for a crime of possessing and selling narcotics in the late 1980s. During that time, he was residing in Baguio City.

  • Benito Manalansan & Ines Vitug Manalansan - husband and wife from Guagua, Pampanga. Mrs. Ines Vitug Manalansan died 1980. Both were involved in a legal case with a certain Dominador Danan. Children: Elsa, Gil, Anita, Jesus, Luz and Martin.

  • Benito Manalansan - I am not sure if the person above is the same person as this one. Mr. Benito (considered as one of the acclaimed sons of the town of Lubao, Pampanga in the field of government service) was a successful lawyer who became General Manager of the National Rice Corporation (NARIC) of the Philippines.

  • Conrado Manalansan - (also regarded as one of the honored sons of the town of Lubao in government service) He was a well-known sugar and rice planter who was appointed to head the Sugar Quota Administration.

  • Conrado R. Manalansan - I'm not sure if the person above is the same person as this one. He is/was a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since 1938, Makati City chapter.

  • Mario F. Manalansan - He is/was also a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since 1960, Nueva Ecija chapter.

  • Jose Manalili Manalansan - Another member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since 1955, Pampanga chapter.

  • Ursino Manalansan - part of the roster of rice & sugar magnates in Lubao, Pampanga who made a major contribution in the modern rice and sugar growing technology.

  • Teresita Manalansan Zuniga now known as Teresita Zuniga Camiling - together with her husband named Andro Camiling, Teresita is a researcher of Kapampangan history, language and culture. The Camiling couple had co-authored a number of books relating to the Kapampangans. Teresita, who hailed from the town of Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines is a public school teacher in Pasadena, California.

  • Jeffrey Manalansan - He is my my brother's namesake.

  • Shella Mary Lo (Manalansan) - studied at Marisyl School (Class 1920) at Valenzuela City, Philippines.

  • Cecilia Lo (Manalansan) - probably related to Shella Mary since they attended the same school but Cecilia Lo belonged to Class 1995.

  • Darwin Manalansan - He is currently the Mayor of the town of Floridablanca, Pampanga.

  • Alexa Manalansan - joined as one of the individual student and a team member student participant in the 9th Annual Junior High Academic Decathlon (winner would represent the Archdiocese of San Francisco in a statewide competition in May 7) last March 5, 2005 at Notre Dame High School in Belmont, USA. Her school, Our Lady of Mercy of Daly City, placed third overall in the said competition. She competed individually under the Logic subject category and placed 3rd.

  • Edward G. Manalansan - No other info except that he joined a forum thread inquiring about stuff like tomcat.apache or something like that. ;)

  • Edward Manalansan - I wonder if they are one and the same. But this Edward guy was working at Archirodon Construction Company in Abu Dhabi in November 2005. He was part of a basketball team that won in the Inter-Company category of the Philippine National School (PNS)/Pinoy Ekspat Inter-faith Basketball League (PEIBL) at Al Jazira Club.

  • Earl F. Manalansan - found him in an alumni association; a high school graduate (batch 1984) of Lourdes School in Quezon City, Philippines.

  • Johanna Garcia Manalansan - graduated from George Mason University in May 1997 with a bachelor's degree in decision sciences and management information systems. She represented her native country, the Philippines, as a princess in the 1997 Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • Noel Manalansan, Rose Manalansan, Marirose Manalansan - all three (3) are actively involved in the Sunbeam Bible Baptist Church located at Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines.

  • Bella Manalansan Boyte - found her name at Names Database. Apparently, she graduated from St. Agustine Academy in Floridablanca, Pampanga, Class 1976.

  • Jimmy Manalansan - same info as Bella Manalansan-Boyte except that Jimmy belonged to Class 1990.

  • Joan Manalansan - also same info as Bella and Jimmy but Joan belonged to Class 1998.

  • Khristine Joy Manalansan Tamanio - same info as Bella, Jimmy and Joan except that Khristine Joy belonged to Class 1999.

  • Elvie Manalansan - She was the one in-charge of disaster and rescue management for NASSA (National Secretariat for Social Action of the Bishops' Conference of the Philippines) during the rescue operation in the Philippines when four (4) typhoons struck the country in late 2004.

  • Aireen Manalansan - served as Executive Secretary of the Net Impact of the University of Hawaii College of Business Administration during year 2003 and 2004.

  • Mark Manalansan - He was the make-up designer of MAC award-winning Tommy Femia in the title role as Bette Davis in the musical play, A Very Bette Christmas in November 2005.

  • Tracie & Kim Manalansan - both played in the Callaway Junior World Gold Championships in 1996, under the Girls 13-14 age category; 1994, under the Girls 11-12 age category.

  • Melanie Suing Manalansan - hails from Lubao, Pampanga but was based in Brunei as of March 2004. Her name was listed in the Certified List of Overseas Absentee Voters by COMELEC.

  • Ponciano Amio Manalansan, Jr. - same informations as Ms. Melanie Suing Manalansan

  • Anne Manalansan - functions as a Secretary-General of the Philippine Cable Television Association, Inc. (PCTA) based in Pasig City, Philippines. Her company recently organized the 14th Philippine International Cable Convention (annual conference and exhibit) last March 29-31, 2006 at the World Trade Center in Manila.

  • Venerable J. Manalansan - currently works as a Manager (MIS-EDP) of the Philippine Estates Authority.

    PS. This entry is only a partial result of my (re)search. I will be posting the final output sometime next week.

    1. Hi Ivan! We have something in common. My name is Gigi Manalansan. I'm sure we're blood relatives. Don't you hate it when people don't get our name right especially on documents. Manalastas, Manalansang, Manansala, etc. etc.
      Well, just dropped by to tell you that I know personally some people in your list. You want to know more of us "manalansans"? I have a family tree/s here ( Go to the post titled "slideshow". Every New Year's Day we hold a reunion hosted by each of the families of the 6 siblings shown on the first slide. Except for the one slide showing my immediate family, I haven't updated this in five years.
      I know that these are just random names. Hopefully I can qualify and update these trees in the near future.

      Great blog, btw. God bless!

    2. [Gigi] - hullo!

      Wow, isn't this great? We may actually be kins, after all. In my case, Manalansan is always mistaken either as Manalansang or Manansala. I am forever correcting people how my last name should be. =) It gets tiring, sometimes.

      I've visited the family tree slideshow. It seems like I can't access the whole screen. I can only see half of the tree.

    3. Hi there! My last name is also Manalansan, my dad hails from Lubao, Pampanga too! The mayor of Floridablanca, Pampanga is my dad's cousin, dunno what degree though. A certain Romeo Manalansan (who is cousin of my dad, incidentally, also named Romeo) ran for mayor a few elections ago...

      Anyway, I can relate to your stories of people mistaking our last name for Manansala, Manalansang, Manalastas. But u know, I kinda feel we owe it to our ancestors to correct people... Hehe.

      My name is Grettel, went to school in UP, and i now work for an airline. I was raised in Antipolo, but i practically grew up in Lubao too, since we go there several times a year since i was little.
      Do you understand Kapampangan?

      Have fun tracing your (our) ancestry!


    4. darwin manalansan is my father :)

    5. Hello..
      My is Christian howm town was in remedios, Lubao Pamapanga but I now live in England as you may have already said theres quite alot of us that are in Lubao..
      I miss fili, i'll be going back next year can't wait..and thanks for this blog..

    6. hi.. I'm Samantha Manalansan.
      My dad is Earl F. Manalansan, and mmy tito is Martin F. Manalansan IV from Illinois. They're borthers. :)

    7. Hi, Johanna Garcia Manalansan is my aunt. Our roots hail from Lubao as well. :) Nice to see the research you did.

    8. Just a note from Michigan USA I am married to one of Lubao's Manalansans. Eufracia lingad . This is a worthy search, you should continue. Perhaps even publish on your findings. Philippinos have made a sugnifcant contribution to the world, being intelligent, and beatiful people many doots have been openef to them

    9. Great blog! my wife is also Manalansan from
      Lubao. Eufracia Lingad, our niece is a manansala so it does get funny at times.
      You should continue this research perhaps writing a book. Philippinos are a brilliant and
      beautiful people many doors have opened for these things keep it up.


    It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!