Friday, June 9, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Dear Me,

I know it's Friday already and it's kinda late for Thursday but here's mine. =)

Thirteen Things TO DO THIS WEEKEND

01. clean the house
(what I usually do after having breakfast)

02. do the pile of laundry
(better to do it on a Saturday morning, feels light)

03. withdraw money from atm
(I have to)

04. buy a new digital camera
(reason #1)

05. pay my credit card bill
(reason #2 and it's due on the 13th)

06. purchase some groceries
(reason #3, I need the essentials)

07. get my trekking bag from Conquer store
(I had one repaired)

08. pack my climbing stuff
(day-trek on Sunday)

09. day trek at Mt. Manabu or Mt. Maculot
(not sure which yet)

10. tidy up my room
(I've got to or else those flying yuckies will make my room their home base)

11. work-out in the gym
(I really have to be on-track physically, I'm getting insecure about myself)

12. watch DVD
(planning a marathon)

13. blog
(this is one activity that already has its own permanent stature in my life)

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  1. ano bibilhin mong digital camera?

  2. sounds like a busy weekend:) Great list, thanks for visiting mine

  3. Sounds like you will be busy. Have fun on your hike.

  4. Sorry I am a little late. Hey blog is a permanent activity for me too!
    Its great you have what needs to be done.

  5. cruise, I bought this Canon Powershot A530 last Saturday. I was supposed to buy A540.

    greekgoddess, nancy, noi! thanks guys..:) nice of you to drop by to check my T13..

  6. A one day trek up a mountain has never, never been on my to-do list.

    My TT and MM are up.

  7. norma, oh, try it. The difficulties along the way up is worth the reward when you reach the top...:)

  8. I hope you got most of your list done! Thanks for visiting my TT!

  9. hullo there! Well, I was able to accomplish 50% of that list. Hehehe. It was such a busy, exhausting weekend...but worth it..=)

    thanks for visiting my t13.


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