Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Superman Returns

Dear Me,

As I mentioned before, I was able to watch the advance screening of this new Superman movie. I was able to acquire the premiere tickets through Ms. Ada.

Like a lot of things, I am not also fond of any Superman movie. I can tolerate watching
Smallville or any Superman movie but if you're going to ask me if I like Superman, you'll get a definite no for an answer.

I watched this one because I had the premiere tickets and I went with papi to watch this. He waited for this since last year.

So, did I like this movie,
Superman Returns? Oh, yes! I absolutely did.

The story went off with Clark & Superman slipping back to the world they both love and yet has lost them in oblivion. Newcomer
Brandon Routh delivered a very good act as Superman. I couldn't find a fault in his physical features as the perfectly young Superman. In fact, I saw an interview one time and that no modifications or any add-ons where added to Routh's body as he wore the Superman outfit. Well, except for toning down his somewhat big endowments from the waist down (that is, if you know what I mean). *winks*

Not totally deviating from other Superman movies, Superman Returns started with the same style of opening credits. Also noticeable is the semblance of Brandon Routh to the late Christopher Reeves. Was that coincidence?

"I'm always around." Said twice in the movie, Superman delivered the promise to Lois when she thought Superman had left for good. It sounded so sweet, a promise to be kept forever. Okay, that sounds cheesy.

Another character that stood out was that of Lex Luthor. Actually, the one thing that could only make me watch Smallville was Lex. I don’t know but I have this penchant for bald guys. Portraying Lex was Kevin Spacey, depicting a striking knack for absolute wickedness.

Of course, how could I forget James Marden (Cyclops in X-Men) as Richard as Lois Lane's intimate? I didn't think he was that dense, not to know that deep inside, Lois Lane still got undeniable feelings for Superman. It was just admirable that he never (even once) confronted Lois about it. Patient, understanding and ...martyr(?)

And what about that kiddie? I was told that in all Superman material (comics, movies, etc), there was never(?) any mention of Superman having a half-human, half-superhero son. Yep. I think that's exactly the very cool twist in this movie. A sickly child who got super powers of his own. Perfect.

What I really liked was that this movie imbued the human side of Superman, the superhero.

PS. Superman and Lois Lane made love and a sickly child was born. So, how did they make love? I mean, they have to strip off their clothing, right? So, did Lois never recognize the semblance between Superman and Clark?


  1. She did but Superman erased her memory of it. :)

  2. i guess as long as he makes love to her without his glasses, she won't recognize him. for the life of me, i don't know why.

  3. well.. clark is somewhat a geek, slouch posture and eyeglasses and all, while superman is of course, superman :)

    hi ayah :)

  4. I have my eye on the movie too. I think it will be good. I have a post about it on my blog.

  5. Superman II (1980)

    Bringing Lois' hair brush to her, Clark trips and falls into the fire place. Fearing that his hand is burned, Lois jumps up to help. But there are no burns. "You are Superman." Clark turns and walks to the bed. Before your eyes, he grows taller and his shoulders grow wider.

    "We'd better talk" says Clark. "I'm in love with you" says Lois. "Then we'd really better talk. Let's go to my place" he says and the two head north to the Fortress. Once there, he gives Lois a tour, explaining to her that the green crystal he hands to her to examine actually called him to build this place and to be Superman. Superman wants to make this day special and flies off to Hawaii to pick a Bird of Paradise, and to France for champagne and gourmet food. In a thoughtful reflection, Lois leans back to look at the Fortress and casually drops the mystical green crystal in the snow.


    In the Fortress, Lois and Superman have a romantic dinner. They talk about Clark, and even Superman treats Clark as if he is a separate entity. When Lois tells Superman that she needs to put on something a little more comfortable (even though she brought no suitcase or clothes on the flight), Superman takes the opportunity to confer with Lara, his mother, for advice on matters. "If you are to live your life with a mortal, you must become a mortal" she says. "You will give up all of your powers. There is no return. Once done, you can't go back. Are you sure?" Superman nods and enters a red, crystal chamber. Once energized, the chamber removes Superman's power and he emerges not as Superman, but as Clark Kent.

    While Superman/Clark sleeps with Lois; Zod, Ursa and Non continue to reek havoc: they reconstruct Mt. Rushmore, then challenge the troops to enter the White House.


  6. i love brandon routh! although it's the typical villain-hero story where of course the hero always wins... i loved it! twas predictable (as always!) i love brandon! so whatever.. i was so kilig while watching it... :-D hehe

  7. Right, anonymous. And the answer to Ivan's question is also there. :)


    The next morning, repairs are being made to the Planet offices, when Clark takes off his ill-fitting hat and enters Lois' cubicle. No one seems to have noticed that Clark was absent last night. Again, he is the invisible man. Lois looks horrible. She has been crying all night. "How are you," he asks. "Don't worry about me," she says. "I like worrying about you," says Clark, tenderly. But Lois reacts. "You just stop. Don't you know that this is killing me? I can't talk to you, or show feelings, I don't even know what to call you."

    "I don't know what to say," says Clark powerless. "Just say you love me," says Lois. Clark carefully wipes away her tears, and lovingly, tenderly kisses Lois. The kiss miraculously erases the memory of the last few days. Like Dorothy returning from Oz, Lois is confused, but undaunted, resuming as if nothing has happened.


  8. wow! dami replies ah.

    wrigley, ayah, jary, leon, anon aka dex, jamie & john --> thanks. I am not an absolute fan of Superman movies so I am not actually aware of any particular S-man story. :) I just love Dean Cain of Lois & Clark. And I like this ooooh-mmmmm new Superman Brandon Routh. And thanks for the "wealth of info" about Superman...and his Lois thingie...=)


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