Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Ideal Guy

Dear Me,

I have been pretty busy lately and that's the reason I don't update my blog. I am always in a rush, chasing time, even trying to scrap even the littlest of seconds.

Of course, I can't stay away from blogging. Even though I can't blog, I can bloghop and lurk at other people's lives. Hehehe. No, I don't stalk nor do I have any intentions of doing so.

Well, I discovered that there are a lot of people tagging me in their posts. I would like to return the favor. First on the list is my dear creative friend from PX,

What are the qualities/characteristics of my ideal guy? Tough but let me jot it down, one by one.

I guess I have to think of 8 qualities then. =)

  1. He has to be SMART. Not intelligent but smart. I want a guy who can converse with me any topics under the sun. He has to know how to keep the ball rolling. Conversations need not to be always on the intellectual level. Sometimes, it pays to have a clearer but enlightening feeling while we talk.

  2. He has to have a SENSE OF HUMOR. Not the sick, pathetic, lousy types, ok? I want a guy who can make me laugh at him, with him and even at myself. A guy can endear himself to me when he can let out a good, hearty laugh from me just about anything. =)

  3. He has to be RESOURCEFUL. I want a guy who can prove himself that he is the man. He should know know how to act and what to do at any circumstances that warrant his attention. A guy who can answers to almost anything that comes his way.

  4. He has to be DECISIVE. I really admire a guy who knows what he really wants in life. Period.

  5. He has to be THOUGHTFUL. When you are with a guy and you know that he loves you, you get this cheezy kind of feeling that he truly loves you, by being thoughtful. It's sweet to know that he doesn't forget anything that you hold important in the relationship.

  6. He has to be PHYSICALLY STRONG. Hehehe. I find it attractive, simply put. *wicked grin*

  7. He has to be MODEST. He should be humble enough to listen to his mind and heart.

  8. He has to be MATURE. Not old but mature. =) I need him to be in own mind when bouts of immaturity strike me. He has to know how to put me in my place.


  1. ideal guys dont come in a package. we can list down 101 criterias for a guy we want but when we really found "the one" (yes, im talking bout "the one"), he might only strike 50 out of the 101 criterias... i prefer not to have a dream guy. but of course throughout the day i'll wonder how my future 'other-half' gonna be like. dont you think a surprise would be better?

  2. jerine, you are right. Having all the ideal qualities in one figure is far from reality.

    I believe, everyone has their own perspective on the ideal. It's relative, I guess.

    And by the way, I am actually, describing my ideal guy, who is currently my boyfriend for more than 3 years now. He's all that. =)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!