Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Dear Me,

It's Thursday, so here's my Thursday habit (which I missed for 2 consecutive weeks). It's been a busy, busy week since.

Thirteen Things I Will Be Doing After July 27

  1. I will be conducting post-documentation of 3 projects. I have to do this before the month of August ends.

  2. I will be cleaning up the clutter in my work area. My table is a great mess of documents, folders, pens (of all kinds), box, etc.

  3. I will be catching up with the latest happenings & events in town. Meaning, I will be reading the broadsheets since last Sunday. I have been pre-occupied and there are lots of news I have missed.

  4. I will be replying to all email messages I have avoided replying to. Sorry guys. I did receive them but I just don't have much luxury time in my hands right now.

  5. I will be calling Globe to cancel my new subscription if and only if, I won't be able to receive my new phone by that time. They have promised to deliver that mobile phone since the last week of June. Bad thing is, they keep on leaving a message that the phone will arrive at a particular day when in fact, there's really nothing.

  6. I will be plotting my personal skeds for the month of August to September. Busy months are here. Sometimes, a busy girl needs personal time.

  7. I will be spending more time with my digicam. I bought one a few months back and up to now, I haven't really studied its features.

  8. I will be cleaning my room and make it a better place to sleep in. Probably, I'll be staying in it once everything gets comfortable and homey. =)

  9. I will be mailing my grad school applications for the 2nd time since one of my document missed the deadline the first time. I really do not want to screw my chances again so I'd better be early.

  10. I will be uploading photos of past events once things get slow around here. I hope that you guys can still wait. Hehehe.

  11. I will be watching all the DVDs lined up in my top shelf. I have to return them to the rightful owner who is patiently waiting for me to watch them.

  12. I will be checking, reading, filing, trashing personal documents I have kept since January of this year. I really have to let go of unnecessary stuff.

  13. I will be working on having those 2 qualities back. Discipline and independence. I miss my old self.

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  1. Hope you get to fulfill everything in your to-do list :-)I've put up my first thursday thirteen. Yahoo!

  2. Wow, that's quite a list! I hope you get most of it accomplished, and enjoy doing it :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Busy, busy!! I have a list like that too, life is crazy!

  4. Yes dear. I have missed 3 T13 in a row too. Its a busy and sick month for me. No worries now I am back.

  5. You will be very busy!! I missed two weeks in a row too, but mine is up today!

  6. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you!

    My TT is up.

  7. 7. It's been a year since I've used my digicam.

  8. Gee, Ivan I just copied your 1-13 tasks and modified it a bit and it's my actual 'to do list' too. Thanks for simplifying my life hehehe. how are you keeping- obviously very busy. take care.
    ma'am vicks

  9. to all my T13 tagger friends, thanks girls! It's nice to see you back here. =)

    to john & tita vicks, why don't you join us? =)

  10. sis, e ano po gagawin mo sa july 13? :D

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. i mean july 27 pala.. ano ba yan, antok pa ako, heheh :D


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