Friday, August 25, 2006

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Dear Me,

I got the idea from
John Paul while reading through his celebrity look-alike entry. Through this website, you are likely to find out the celebrity(ies) you resemble the most. All you have to do is simply upload your photo online.

And here's mine:

  • Leslie Caron - French film actress and dancer.

  • Anuar Zain - he is... unknown? Hehehe.

  • Patricia Velasquez - Venezuelan actress and fashion model. Identifies herself as a bisexual.

  • Chow Yun-Fat - Hong Kong actor. He is among a handful of internationally recognized screen actors that Hong Kong has produced, along with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Michelle Yeoh.

  • Rebecca Gayheart - American actress. She is also well known for her modeling and commercials.

  • Brendan James Fraser - Canadian-American actor.

  • Yukie Nakama - Japanese actress, musician and former idol.

  • Jericho Rosales- young Filipino drama actor.

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