Friday, August 25, 2006

Mt. Daguldol

Dear Me,

Some of the photos I took during our group's climb at
Mt. Daguldol in Barangay Hugom, San Juan in Batangas. It is one of the highest mountains in the province with an elevation range of 672 meters above sea level. Jump-off point is at Laiya Beach. Minor climb and it takes about 3 to 4 hours trek before reaching the campsite.

The rest of the photos are here.

Original IT Source can be found at:
Date created: January 2002

Our group's suggested IT:

06:00 Assembly at 7-11 Buendia / Taft
06:30 ETD for Lipa
09:30 ETA McDonalds (or Jolibee), Lipa.
09:45 ETD for San Juan Batangas
10:45 ETA San Juan Batangas. Market Time and Early Lunch
11:30 ETD for Barangay Hugom
12:30 ETS Barangay Hugom. Arrange for Guides
13:00 Start Trek - Beach Front
13:30 Ascend the Forest Line
14:00 First Water Source
14:30 Mang Zardo's House. Refreshments
15:00 Resume Trek
17:00 ETA Campsite, Set Camp
17:30 Explore Anahawan Campsite
18:15 Back at the Campsite, Prepare Dinner
19:00 Dinner, Socials
22:00 Light's Out

08:00 Wake-up Call, Breakfast
08:30 Start Trek to Bilaran ng Limatik
08:15 ETA Bilaran ng Limatik
09:00 Trek back to campsite, Break Camp
10:00 Start Descent
* option is to break camp first before going to bilaran ng limatik,
picture taking, and then steep descent to main trail
10:45 ETA Mang Lizardo's House. Refreshments
11:00 Resume Trek
12:15 Turn Left to Naambon Falls (leave back-packs at trail fork)
12:20 ETA Naambon Waterfalls. Explore
12:50 Resume Trek
14:00 ETA Hugom Beach.
16:00 ETD to San Juan
17:00 ETA San Juan. ETD for Lipa Batangas
18:00 ETA Lipa Batangas. Merienda
18:20 ETD for Manila
21:30 ETA Manila


  1. the first and the last photo you took looks like something that ive taken before.

    amazingly, there is a place in philipines looks like the one in malaysia.

  2. [jerine] - the 1st photo was the very nice view from the top! well, almost way to the top of the mountain. The last one was taken from the beachfront. we have to pass by it...we were almost tempted to frolic in the beach instead of mountainclimbing...hehehe.

    [xprodoksit] - thank you... =)


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