Monday, October 9, 2006

Am I Ready?

Dear Me,

It was two (2) weeks ago that I entertained the idea inside my head. Am I really ready for it? Will I be ready when the time comes?

I guess it will be one of the major decisions that I will be making in a few minutes. I am just waiting for one important call.

And when my mobile phone rings, then, I have made that decision. What follows after that will be determining and understanding the degree of my discipline and responsibility of its impact.

I have lots of things to do from hereon and I hope I will be able to contain myself from all these mixed emotions. It's a big step and there is still a slight doubt of what-ifs bugging my brain.


  1. kayang kaya mo ang mt apo, kung kidapawan trail, sisiw sayo yun, hehe. balitaan mo kami, God bless.

  2. cruise, thanks.

    i never imagined that i will be climbing the highest mountain in the country so soon. i wasn't even expecting it this year, next year or even within 5 years' time.

    tsk, tsk...heard we are taking the kidapawan trail. hahay.

  3. kelan ka aakyat? :)

  4. [jary] - end of nov-early dec...


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