Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 24: A Holiday

Dear Me,

Even though I know it, I still didn't expect it to be. For one, PGMA has been pretty inconsistent about holiday declarations.

While checking my inbox, my mom came to me. Guess she wanted to chat. =) On the side, she mentioned that October 24 is a regular holiday -
the Eid'l Fitr, the Muslim Feast of Ramadhan. To make sure it was for real, I checked the Malacanan website and found this.

October 24 falls on a Tuesday. I hope she won't think of moving it to Monday. For me, moving a religious holiday to another day just for the reason of maximizing the weekend as vacation is a sign of disrespect.


  1. is it spelled as Eid'l Fitr? I thought it was supposed to be Aidilfitri. Oh, it's been a long time since i visit your blog

  2. the holiday is true, was already announced here at work

  3. hello 24 ba o 25... nalito na ako! haha sabi kase sa sch 25.. waaah!

  4. Sana gawin na lang nilang 23 para diretsong walang pasok from Sat-Mon.

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  6. [jerine] - i really don't know but here in the Philippines, we spell it like that. Maybe it varies by country...

    [cruise] - i have a project running but the boss says i can have a break...=)

    [jamie] - it's 24 actually...

    [johnheart] - it's a religious observance for the Muslims and I believe that holiday economics shouldn't be applied in cases like this. It's outright disrespect.

    [the artist] - finally, i have you here..:)


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