Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Dear Me,

They came bearing gifts, so to speak. Well, I got them two (2) weeks ago. One from my sister, Bambi and the other one, from my papi.

I got this brown, soft leather bag (courtesy of egg) from her. Actually, I was pretty surprised she gave me. It wasn't my birthday and nor it was any special day. You see, my sister is kinda 'kuripot'. Hehehe. I attribute it to the fact that she is a business-minded person from the day she came out from my mother's womb.

She said that she felt kinda rich last payday due to her countless OTs. Still, it wasn't like her just to spend it the way I would being in the same circumstance. I would pamper myself and splurge the result of my hard-earned toil. Justification: I truly worked my butt off and I deserve a break. *winks*

It was funny when I joked her about it. I asked if she was convulsing with fever or she struck her head somewhere, enough to lose her memory. She said she didn't. Okay, I got the bag and I did realy like it. As I was checking it out, the price tag was still there. Hahaha. It really cost her a lot. So, I asked her if she was really giving it to me because the tag was still there. She was so embarassed when mamu & bro laughed. They told me make sure that she was giving it to me as a gift and not something I would have to pay later. Sisterette knew I love and collect bags and I can't hardly resist not buying one. Truth is: she really gave me something I really like....


On the other hand, Papi gave me this as he knew I am a caffeine freak. In fact, a few days before he was already raving about how good it tasted. I didn't know that he is talking about the mocha - chocolatey coffee of
Marks & Spencer. I've been longing to buy that one but everytime I have an extra cash, I always forget about it. Hehehe.

He gave it to me when he picked me up from work. I just got back then at the office after a hot day at the plant in Paranaque. He handed me the paper bag without even peeping what was inside. While tidying up myself in the office's restroom, I got curious and saw this card. How sweet! =)

Just this morning, I had it for my usual morning caffeine fix. I just love its strong, addicting taste. Thank you, papi dear. =) You really know how to please me. *belat*


  1. i like the bag. it's so cute. how i wish i have a sister.

    your papi is very thoughtful.

  2. [evi] - thanks. i'm lucky to have them...hehehe.


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