Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nice Template

Dear Me,

I volunteered to find a nicer template for our peers' blog. After a lot of surfing, I found one here.

Jon specifically said that he would only allow me to change the site's template if it wouldn't look like a girly blog. Hehehe. I guess my choice, after all, will suit everyone. Hmm.

I picked this one because of the cool interplay of the hues of lite green and blue (mainly). Aside from that, I sort of love the 'banner' in the header. There's a plane and buildings separated by distance. I had this kind of feeling (sentimental perhaps?) that even though one of us (Kerwin) lives far, far away and that the four (4) of us ( Jon, Jary, LA and yours truly) rarely hook-up despite a few rides away from each other, it still reminded me that ties of friendship shouldn't and musn't be hindered from growing just because we are separated by great distances away.

I told them that in case they wouldn't like it, I'll use it for my own. Hehehe.


  1. we have the same template..its really nice :-)

  2. [jbinx] - oo nga no. Peyups ka pala? I will be taking my master's degree in Diliman and this Friday ang orientation. I just have a problem. Conflict sa work sked ko. I wasn't able to get in touch sa college reg. I have to resched eh.

    btw, thanks for the peep. =)

  3. gusto ko rin yung plane and buildings banner saka malamig sa mata yung kulay. hehe galing!

  4. [ajaw] - ganon? i was hoping ayaw nyo...hahaha! I'll have it...*belat*

  5. Hey do u know where I can find free nice template with header image?

  6. [noi] - you can check though it takes time to find one that will really like.
    try searching for free blog templates in you may probably get a hit... =)


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