Monday, October 2, 2006

Together Again

Dear Me,

I know how dramatic the title of this entry sounds but really, it is just fitting to use it. Together again? I'm not referring to a boy from my past but rather of good friends whom I have known for quite a few years.

It has been quite a while that we all hooked up. I was pretty ecstatic to see these people again:
Jon (though I see him more than the others), Mariel, Paul, Sally, Abie, Chip and Det. Of course, there are new friends to meet, too, such as Elton (who usually initiate the 'event') and this couple whom I wasn't able to mingle with.

By the way, that event was the annual celebration of PEx' Anniversary at the Congo Grille El Pueblo, Ortigas.

Papi was with me as we all chatted, laughed and dined. I really could not remember all the food that we ordered but I was salivating over their calamares, pork/tuna sisig and sinigang sa miso. Yumyum! Hehehe.

I wished then that
Jary, Kerwin and LA were there, too. Eh di sana we were one complete barkada. But just the same, I had fun and we all had fun. *grins*

More photos will be posted here.

So long!

PS. My apologies if my face is all over this page. Hehehe.


  1. cool get together!

    is PEX stands for Pinoy Exchange? is yes, may mga friends din ako member ng PEX yun nga lang yung pang outdoor events. :)

  2. yep! =)

    talaga? sa ODC ba yan? si Zoe friend ko. Others naman, I just met them once sa orientation. Familiar names lang sila but not faces.


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