Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Of Tenant & Lessors

Dear Me,

I would like to welcome my newest tenant for the week. She is known as
SuperMom and blogs at Musings of a Self-Proclaimed Supermom. She is a happy mother who loves her family above all else.

Wanna know more about her? Better check her out by clicking that small box in this entry or at the left sidebar of my blog. =)


On the other hand, I have two (2) running campaigns from these nice bloggers. It was very nice of blog owners princess2006 of
The Sophisticated Writer and perisblurbs of My So-Called Ramblings to let me in their blogspace for the second time. Yes! I have rented their spaces twice and they never denied me once. Thanks. =)

The former is "the diary of a 20-something year old female writer and poet who dreams of becoming published worldwide" while the latter blogs about 'what she writes, when she writes and how she writes on a somewhat daily basis about herself, life and stuff....'

They're cool! Check them out. =)

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