Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chocolate Addiction

Dear Me,

I am totally craving for this one. Oh, I can already imagine how I look while salivating over this.:

Yumyum! This is a Choco Mango Cake from Dusit Hotel. It is a delectable combination of rich icing of chocolate and cream heated & stirred together and mangoes, in harmony with creamy chocolate frosting and roasted cashew nuts.

I am already contemplating of buying this for myself. The catch is: it costs PhP680.00 nett. Hmm. I will think about it...


  1. 680 is not bad, kung ganyan naman ka attractive ang dating, i might as well buy one of that

  2. yes! go and treat yourself. that's chocolate---the ultimate reward for any hardworking girl :)

  3. [iskoo & katz] - hmm. I am really tempted to buy that. I may probably do so...


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