Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Meeting Friends & Kodakan In Baguio

Dear Me,

I really love this photo. This was taken in 2004 just outside Picarre Resto at the Porta Vaga Mall. I met with
Kerwin (who was so dressed up that I almost felt flattered that he would do so just to meet me. Hehehe. No, he had a date after our very brief encounter =) and Chat (who always meet me everytime I visit Baguio. She always remind me everytime to send her a message that I am coming up so we could spend more time together. Well, I never did. I always crash on her schedule. Bad, bad...) just an hour before we (moi & bf) leave for Manila.


  1. masarap kasama yung maayos magdamit diba? di lang sa paningin ng mga makakakitang ibang tao kundi yung mismong kasama :)

  2. i see that you changed a new layout. this is very sweet. so nice...

  3. [iskoo] - yep, you're right... i was kidding him about it. =)

    [tin-tin] - korekek ka jan. I miss them...

    [jerine] - thanks. =)

  4. Hi Ivan

    Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay. =)

    Thanks for renting.


  5. [gaby] - oh, thanks for letting me win the bidding.. =)


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