Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sophie Kinsella

Dear Me,

I am really beginning to love reading chick lit books written by
Sophie Kinsella. I find her style of writing as cool, hilariously witty and never boring. She's the type of author who will make you smile when you're alone and make you laugh like a fool when in front of other people.

Basically, what is chick lit?

The success of the book, "Bridget Jones' Diary" launched a new genre of writing called Chick Lit. Chick Lit refers to modern literature for women - that is written about late twenty and thirtysomething singles (aka singletons) as they search for the perfect partner. (Note: Books about male singles are known as Lad Lit.)

Chick Lit is very different from the standard romance novels that were made famous by writers like Barbara Cartland. These books, for the most part (there are always exceptions), reflect the lives of everyday working young women & men. Chick Lit or Chic Fic (as it is sometimes called) gives fresh insight into relationships and a humorous account into the way women deal with them.
This is my first-time to read one of her books (Confessions of a Shopaholic) under the Shopaholic Series. I've known about these books for quite a long time and yet, I haven't read any one of them. Reason: I am stuck with tons of books I had bought and I still haven't finish reading them. Well, I had reunited with my books late last month.

Please, please. Don't use that phrase: GIRL POWER. Those two (2) words are not so "IN" already in this generation. It's already a given that women, us, can do our own thing and that we can do what the boys can do. And I believe that men aren't that stupid not to comprehend when women talks about equality. You know what that is. For women, it is a display of humility to know when you can and when you can't. Right?

Anyway, I am really enjoying this one. I mean the book. I am starting to collect the series and I hope people out there will be kind enough to help me. The holiday season is almost around the corner. Hehehe. =)

By the way, Kinsella's latest book,
Shopaholic & Baby will be out by February 2007. I'm not sure when will that be here in the Philippines. Anyway, you can browse some of the excerpts of the book in the above-mentioned website. If you're living in the US or Canada, you can participate in this fun Q&A to win a copy of Shopaholic & Sister, which will be on sale on the 28th day of November. Email me if you want to know the answers. *winks*


  1. I love the shpoholic series as well..the first one I read was Can you keep a secret? and I love it so much I actually finish the book in 4 days!

  2. I have a collection with me but eventually got tired of it. The first one is still the best one by far.

    If you are into chick lit, try novels written by own very own such Almost Married, Mr. Write, etc. The material is not much but it is a feel-good must read. Copies are still available in Powerbooks under Filipino Literature.

  3. [noi, monica] - i'm really into it. actually, i am reading 2 books at the moment, both chick lit. 1st is that of kinsella's and the 2nd is marian keyes'.

    monica, are you referring to the books under summit publishing? hihihi. i have already read some like that of tara sering. =)


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