Friday, November 17, 2006

Shattered Feeling

Dear Me,

The old, hurting, insecured feeling is back. Gracious!

I thought we were okay but I guessed wrong. It was still there. Ready to be "on loose" anytime something or someone messes up with the bushes. I couldn't help but feel so sorry for myself. Yes, I really couldn't help but humiliate myself like this. Punch me hard, please. In the head, okay.


My dreams are dying one by one, right before my eyes.

Even my dreams for both of us are hanging upside down, by a very fine line, ready to be separated. I feel like I am just waiting for something to happen; something that will shatter me to pieces.

In an hour, I will dare to leave this place. I will be gone before you know it. I will try to be unreachable to you, to anyone and even to myself. I wish not to feel my feet again standing on the very same ground right now. Hmm. It sounds like a line from a song. *sigh*

I need to see the light...

PS. I am simply expressing the uneasiness I have here inside.


  1. What did you do last time na nangyari ang ganyan?

  2. Life is a journey- sometimes we stop or we are stopped by something but life moves on and that movement will depend how long you want to stop and feed such feelings of going backwards. I have felt that way several times but hey i learned that tomorrow is always a better day sometimes the very hard way. Hang in may sound corny but....hey it will pass. Don't wait, do it if you are as impatient as me. From someone who's seen decades and decades of life. Tita Vicky

  3. i had the same kind of feeling a few months ago. i know you will be fine. i know how is it like. just keep going girl!

  4. It's normal for us to feel that way. It put us in check if we are happy with where we are.

    Whatever situation that has led you to feel this way, there is always a reason behind it. Try to understand why it is happening and from there, you will be able to think clearly and know what you are going to do next.

    So, hang in there. ;-)

  5. May purpose ang lahat at alam kong strong person ka kaya everything will be okay. Pero good communication pa rin sana kayo.

  6. hmm.. try mo naman maligo ng maligamgam ang tubig... relaxing yun... :)

  7. hi, very nice blog, hmmm I was once with the same scene with you, there was something lacking, an emptiness, soon you will find it. God bless you!

  8. [john, tita vicks, jerine, monica, tanda, jon, zelmarq] - thank you for the consoling words. it's just that when i feel bad, all the other things in my life make me realize how bad things are. As tita vicks said, it will all pass. sana nga hindi na ulit bumalik.


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