Monday, December 11, 2006

Knowing Your BMI

Dear Me,

Do you know what your BMI is? BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a statistical estimate of a person's weight against his height. Check whether you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese.

Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) here.

To determine your BMI, you should know your height in feet and inches (not in centimeters) and your weight in pounds (not in kilograms). Just enter these data and your BMI will be determined automatically.

BMI results:

< 18.5 -----> Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 -----> Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 -----> Overweight
30.0 > -----> Obese

I checked mine and I fell in the Healthy category. Either of these two: BMI @ 19.9 or @ 20.5, I'm healthy.

BMI also called the Quetelet Index was invented sometime in 1830-1850 by a Belgian polymath (person who has great knowledge of various fields) named Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. He was an astronomer, statistician, mathematician and sociologist. He introduced statistical methods in the field of social sciences. Till this day, his Quetelet Index has survived minor variations since.


  1. Oh mine...I just checked my BMI and I think I'm at the stage of anorexic!

    I'm so excited that you're on postcard sending spree. So are you sending e-postcard? Or do I mail you my house address?

  2. Ah! I'm underweight.
    Oh, by the way, I'm Kat. I saw your blog on Gaby's blog. Just thought I'd stop by.

  3. [jerine] - hey, girl! make sure you take care of yourself. Been reading your entries and you've been very busy. Busy girls (like us...hehehe) should take time to slow down and eat...hehehe. =)

    i'm sending by mail so email me your mailing (house or work) address.. =)

    [kat] - i was told that one should watch out for his/her body's weight. I was underweight when I was in college and I tried to donate blood but I was rejected. Doctor said that I should eat more and that when I eat more, I should eat in moderation, to be in the healthy, safe side. You better do that, too. =)

    and thanks for popping by. say hullo to Gaby, a regular visitor of mine.. =)

    take care...

  4. 19.6, YAY! Im healthy like you as well. You'll never believe how health conscious i am checking my weight weekly.

  5. My BMI is between 22.1 and 22.8.

  6. [jen] - good for you. hehehe. I get frustrated if I gain a pound so I prefer not to check mine...hehehe.

  7. 23.3. Whew, just barely healthy. I'll have to check after the holiday because I may push into the overweight catergory.

  8. [scooter mcgavin] - ei there, blog roomie! thanks for bidding and taking my cramped space here.. hehehe.

    well, the holidays is just around the corner and as much as we want to, there will be yummy food galore. hehehe.

    here in the Philippines, we have a very long, long celebration of Christmas and the New Year. =)


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