Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feeling Strange

Dear Me,

Today was such a weird day. I felt pressured and was physically feeling trembling - either from being famished or from the cold enveloping the office. Weird because one - I couldn't think of any other reason to be pressured. Two, I was shaking and wondering why. It was lunch time and I forced myself to eat right away thinking that probably I was starving but it was impossible since I had filling dinner last night at World Chicken (?) and ate rice for breakfast this morning (mom demanded that I ate). It was probably the cold, too. By the way, I ate one piece of banana thinking that it would somehow lessen the shaking.

My superior is back in the office. The president (of the country) decided to cancel the ASEAN Summit in Cebu. I could imagine the flurry of disappointments and frustrations of everyone. Everybody prepared for it - participants, organizers and the local people of Cebu. Of course, there was a tinge of doubt to her pronouncement about the cause why she did what she did. Typhoon and terrorism? Hmm. Anyway, the summit has been reset January 2007. Just a thought - I don't expect this is a good choice. For one, those busy, always on the move, heads of state from ASEAN will be having a hard time re-adjusting their schedule. Though, they already said yes to PGMA, I am sure that they are bound to make excuses for their inability to participate. Maybe they will attend, too. Whatever. Second, January is Sinulog Festival in Cebu. What were they thinking? Traffic and security is a problem plus the hotel accommodations. It may be a good time to showcase to the world what Sinulog is but common sense dictates the reality of what happens during Sinulog. *sigh*

I was supposed to sprint out of here by 14:15 hours to make it to RCBC Plaza for my interview. I still have a lot of pending stuff to do, though. I called up my contact to re-sched (for the nth time) my interview. She has been calling since November and she never fail to call each day. Goodness. For an employer, that is what you call persistence, which is kinda odd. I should be the one begging them to give me an interview. Hehehe.

Things to do:

1. drop by at the bank
2. pay my mobile phone bill
3. pay my credit card bill
4. write holiday notes in the postcards and mail them

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