Thursday, December 7, 2006

My Seduction Style

Dear Me,

I'm back here in the office (after the Mt. Apo climb) and promise myself not to screw the few remaining days of the year by being absent from work. Okay, I also gave myself the leniency to be late, you know being tardy but being absent is inexcusable. Hehehe.

I reported for work last Tuesday and I've been feeling too cold in the office. Twice, I decided against in bringing my blazer to work and almost punched myself for doing so. I have been freezing like hell and having a painful monthly period didn't help; worse, it slowed me down. All I wanted was to lie down somewhere and curl like a ball.

For the past two (2) days, I neglected a schedule for a job interview, bills payment and a huggable time watching a movie with my papi. The cold and the pain were so unbearable that I would exchange a day-off to escape it all; but I preferred not to. Doing so would not aid my resolve to change some old, bad habits of mine.

So today, I dressed up with my arms covered and remembered to bring my pink blazer. It is still cold but at least, I feel less threatened. I am sipping my brewed coffee and for the first time, I truly enjoyed putting powdered milk in my daily caffeine fix. It's powdered milk, not creamer. Tastes better and though I am scared it may rush me to the john, I bravely sipped my coffee with milk with much gusto. Let me worry later about that. Hehehe.

Somebody's out of the office today and will be back on Monday. I am free! Hahaha.

By the way, I was browsing "everywhere" and I stumbled
Bloggo Chicago. She found something interesting at Leslie's Omnibus. Well, now I am snitching that something from her, too.

What Is Your Seduction Style? I have always wondered whether I have the guts to seduce someone from the opposite sex. I have ideas but to carry it out in actuality is something I wouldn't know for sure. When I was single, I could flirt in a bar and be friends with the guy. I could make the first move if I wanted to. I had the guts. After that, I would stop because I knew that would lead to something and playing the game hard would cause me problems later. I didn't think that I would be ever ready to advance to the next level, if you got what I mean. Playful flirting is cool but better let the guy know that you stop at that and that is all to it. Don't let him hang on, thinking that you are seriously contemplating jumping to bed with him. That's total disaster.

In truth, I can only be able to drop off all inhibitions and be able to seduce that someone once I don a ring in my rightful finger. Hahaha.

Truly, I love to be cuddled, HUGGED. I love it when papi hugs me tight, even though we are just walking in the mall, or along the streets of Ayala. I am not a PDA person but I don't give a care what other people think. I simply love to be hugged.

Wanna try this out? Click the Seduction link then Extras tab. Forty (40) icon boxes will appear bearing questions. Click and answer them one by one.

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