Thursday, December 28, 2006

Of 2006, New Year, WishList

Dear Me,

If you are going to ask me, it is always the end of the old year and the arrival of the New Year I love the most when it comes to celebrating holidays. The coming New Year is the season when we celebrate sheer merriment coupled with nonstop excitement and thrill - attending parties, reunions with our kindred and old, great friends, the joys of shopping for presents, giving and receiving gifts to and from people who love us and also the time when our emotions run wild as they tumble around the roller-coaster of life. It is also an occasion when we take time-out, sit-down and contemplate what the year has brought us; reflect the happenings in our lives and analyze what has become of ourselves.

Year 2006 had been a good and bad year for me. Nothing great and there was nothing to hate about it as well. As I said, nothing grand. Period.

Anyway, allow me to be materialistic one last time. I am listing down the things I want for this season. I am kinda robbed of my savings so if there is anyone (hehehe) who can give me any of these as a present, I will be very happy. =)

(1) any book on ancient Egyptian history (documentaries on the lives of Cleopatra, Egyptian Pharaohs, discoveries of their burials)

(2) book by Philippine Daily Inquirer's Youngblood3 (collection of selected pieces from young writers)

(3) a unique photo album (its uniqueness will be from the giver's perspective)

(4) medium-sized scrapbook

(5) book about the How-Tos of beadmaking (a beginner's book on beadworks)

(6) dvd copy of (old) movie "Real Women Have Curves" (this is not porn, ok. check Yahoo or Google)

(7) CD copy of The Best of Manila Sound: Hopia, Mani, Popcorn

(8) CD copy of U218 The Singles

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  1. sana makamit mo lahat ng nasa wishlist mo :) happy new year

  2. [iskoo] - hehehe. salamat po. happy new year to you, too! =)


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