Friday, December 29, 2006

What The Star Says Today

Dear Me,

After the Christmas vacation, we resumed office last December 27 & 28. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to accomplish any work at all because our internet was down. Goodness! I just then realized how the world has been so dependent with technology. Gone are the primitive ways of doing things.

Today, December 29, we are off from work. It's vacation time again! Woohoo! Hehehe. I opened my eyes at 9:00 am and dragged myself out of the bed by 9:30am. After doing the personal stuff, I went out of the room and grabbed a broom and swept the entire house of any soot, dirt and trash from the last few days. After which, I washed the dishes from the sink and cooked something for breakfast. Only me and my dad are in the house today.

While drinking milk (I opted to drink this instead of coffee feeling that my bones are getting brittle), I am here in front of my pc typing this away. Hehehe. So, how come the internet is working here and not in the office. Well, I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that ours is just a dial-up. Whatever. I have internet and that is making me smile with utter glee. Hihihi! =)

Anyway, I will not be staying whole day in the house. I still have a lot of things to accomplish.

By the way, I was browsing Friendster and got curious about what's in for me today. It says:

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

The Bottom Line
Don't be flighty about choices you make today. Only make a choice if you're sure.

In Detail
If you're unsure of any choices you need to make today, that's okay. There's no need for haste and you must not appear to be diffident or flighty. Take all the time you need to go carefully over the information you have and ask around for details that might have slipped through the cracks. Make your decision only when you're ready -- and then stick to it. Your behavior is being scrutinized.

I wonder where this one applies. My only activities for today are the following:

--- pick-up my PhP500 worth of GC from Summit Media office
--- purchase another pair of Levi's for my father
--- deliver some holiday presents to friends
--- probably mail some postcards
--- watch a movie with papi
--- go to the bank

1. Unsure of choices? Does it mean buying Levi's for my father? Probably. Movie to watch? Hmm. Can be.

2. Behavior being scrutinized? By who? By my friends whom I am about to give gifts to? Guys, just accept it and don't ask. Hehehe. By people from the bank or someone who wants to know what I will be doing there? I'm telling you now. There's nothing anyone can get out of me. Hehehe.

Whatever. This is my day and I am going to have fun. Period.


  1. Yes dear! Live life to the fullest! I got your postcard! Thanks so much!! Muahs.

  2. [noi] - i'm so hapy you got it. i thought it would take eons before you receive it...happy new year, girl! =)


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