Saturday, January 6, 2007


Dear Me,

Did I ever mentioned that papi is in Cebu right now? He is having his once-a-year vacation with his dad and three (3) sisters. Yeah, I do miss him but I have to deal with it. Hehehe!

What fun way to do that is to do things that will keep my mind from noticing that he isn't here. So, I do overtime, meet friends after office hours, have coffee or dinner with them, go home early and watch a few episodes from a series.

When I am all alone by myself, these adorable babies keep me company, lift my spirit up. Their yumminess veer my mind from sending sensors to my emotions.

I have to thank papi for all these. He gave them to me as a going-away present a day before he flew to Cebu.

I just don't want to imagine how many pounds I have gained since I put the first Smores chocolate in my mouth. Hehehe!


  1. chocolates! love 'em, esp. the dark ones...

    ferrero, reese's, toblerone dark, cadbury hazelnut & topdeck, hershey's miniatures & maltesers tops my list!

  2. Among the chocolates you mentioned, I'm not fond of Ferrero's. :)


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