Monday, January 8, 2007

Gifts From Hotels

Dear Me,

As any yuppie would know, working provides a couple of perks once in a while. Mine has provided me with lots and I am thankful for that no matter how small they are.

Part of my work is making hotel bookings (accommodations) for arriving expats - technical consultants, visiting research fellows and other guests. Also, I organize events (ranging from the small to the biggest one) such as seminars/lectures and conferences if my projects require it.

Through the years, I have gained valuable and responsible hotel contacts (the ones handling our corporate contacts), whom have provided me with excellent service. They have not remained forever as someone I know from work but have become part of my life I consider as friends.

To you girls from
Dusit Hotel and Mandarin Oriental Manila Hotel, I thank you for these. I know that you usually give these to your top bookers (and I am one of them...hehehe) but I would like to thank you both just the same - not only for the holiday cards, new 2007 calendars and the planners but also for the friendships we have forged through the years. It had been another wonderful year of communicating, coordinating and chatting amongst us. Cheers! =)

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