Monday, January 8, 2007

Freebie 1

Dear Me,

2006 had been a good year. Except for the Christmas Party in the office, I was lucky to have a lot of freebies of any kind. Hehehe.

Someone gave me these two (2) free movie tickets from Ayala Cinemas after I answered a certain survey (of which I have no recollection at all).

With an expiry date last December 31st, I invited papi to watch with me. Being the season of the annual Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF), we decided or should I say I decided... *wicked grin* to watch the Filipino movie, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah at Glorietta 4.

It was the only movie I watched out of the 9(?) movie offerings in the MMFF. I couldn't say it was the best (of course) but it was good. Rustom Padilla as Ada was very good, convincing and he/she was well-suited for the role. Zsa Zsa, whom I actually found unfavorable before twisted my mind, driving me to laughable fits whenever she was with Chocoleit, who played her sidekick, Didi. Didi was commendable in his/her acts as well and was truly, a "force to beckon with." Charing!

Pops Fernandez, who was the leader of the Amazonas, made me so envious of her beautiful face and sexy bod. Goodness. Does she ever get old? Giselle Sanchez as one of the three other amazonas failed to make me laugh. Actually, I was sort of embarassed for her. Oh, did you see her outfit that squeeze her otherwise skimpy fat in her butt? Ngiyaw. Say Alonzo? Ahoohoohoo. She was a trying hard wannabee. Period. Obvious ba that I don't like her? The last of the amazonas, I really had no idea who she was. But I really like her gothic look. =)

So there! My freebie 1.

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