Monday, January 8, 2007


Dear Me,

I have been longing to send letters and postcards from friends, relatives from here and beyond. Unfortunately, they were never mailed. I have seen those letters and postcards thrown away since the news and chatties I have written have aged through time (I am speaking of months here). I felt sad seeing them inside this small, green box where I keep everything.

Once again, the holidays came and I thought that it was another good time to try and send people what I have been meaning to send them. I decided on the postcards since it would be easier to write my thoughts down - no serious stuff, just some cheery hellos from me to them.

Well, I succeeded in mailing them early December last year and in two (2) weeks' time, the recipients got the postcards. It was sheer pleasure to know that they got it. =)


I am planning to send another batch of postcards to my intended recipients. They are too many and I run out of stamps. I still have to send this postcard that papi made. It is kinda cute (because I am in it...hahaha) and it is really nice. I am going to post that here soon. =)

Also, I got interested in participating in the
postcard crossing project. Last December, I was surfing the web when I came across this site. I got really curious about it and I thought that wouldn't it be nice to receive a postcard from a stranger in another country? It is one great way to have new friends, learn a foreign culture and even virtually travel to places you've never been to. All of these in just one package. Don't you think so? =)

I have already sent a postcard to this girl from Finland. I still have to receive mine, though.

*To know more about postcrossing, click here.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    I got your postcard a few days ago. Sorry, can't find time to let you know. Hehe...I'm so happy to receive my first postcard from Philippine.

    Did you receive my Xmas card? It's a bit too late now. Anyway, hope you get it.

  2. [jerine] - oh hi there! good to know that you already got it. :)

    you have a card for me, too? really? well, i haven't got it yet. i'll wait for it. =)


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