Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Post-2006: Holiday Shopping & Gifts

Dear Me,

Here is another backlog entry for December.

If I remember it right, I started shopping for the holidays a mere three (3) days before Christmas. Well, it was a typical rush holiday shopping. It was funny to think how everyone would complain and curse about the hordes of people finding their way inside the malls.

Every year, we vow not to do this exhausting activity anymore and yet, we still find ourselves amongst the throng of people pushing here, there and everywhere, trying to find the best presents of them all for each and every loved one and friends we have.

Yes. We, holiday shoppers, never learn.

gifts for my folks, siblings, papi & his siblings

It is a stunning fact of life that no matter how well we are aware of the appalling possibilities, we still proceed head-on to the malls, armed with our cash and credit cards, during this very special season.

some of the gifts initially wrapped for good friends

As a matter of fact and for as long as I could remember, I was more than delighted to hunt for the nicest presents for everyone in the malls from the north to the south of the metropolis. For once, I never thought how I would totally maxxed out my credit cards. It was a very good feeling. Hehehe.

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