Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Post-2006: 5S Result

Dear Me,

It seems like I have a lot of backlog entries for 2006.

2006 had been a buzzing year for me especially during the last quarter of the year. With all the hectic work, family responsibilities, outdoor indulgence, social meetings and gimmicks, emotional downtime, holiday celebrations plus the rush shopping and other miscellaneous errands, I wanted to give up from the fatigue. But no, the excitement and the thrill was too much for me to yield everything up.

Anyway, I rather post them all here so I have something to look back to someday. =)


In last year's post regarding conducting 5s in our work station, I can say that I am successful in doing this activity. My work area is now devoid of unwanted mess. I can see the glass covering my table without any effort at all. Hehehe.

There is only one question left. How long will this last? Rather, how long can I maintain my area from turning into a mountain of clutter again? Hmm.


  1. Your workstation is really neat..I guess its ok to have a messy workstation because if it is too clean and neat, people might think we have not been working! Haha!

  2. [noi] - hehehe. you got that right. Sometimes to appear very busy, I pile lots of stuff in my table. Hahaha!


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