Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tayo Na Sa Mt. Cinco Picos - Open Climb

Dear Me,

This was an open climb organized by the Rotary Club of Freeport Zone and Yabag Mountaineers last October 2006. Proceeds from the climb would be used in financing the community service activities of the Rotary.

Mount Cinco Picos was introduced to other mountaineers as an alternative destination hike in Zambales. Mountaineers have a chance to see other mountains such as Rounded Peak (Bundok Dayungan) and Pointed Peak (Bundok Balingkilat) in Subic, Zambales.

Mount Cinco Picos (locals calls it Tatlong Tirad) is located in Subic, Zambales. It is one of the training grounds of US Marine when they still have bases in Olongapo City. It is also one of the hunting grounds of Aetas and wild boar and deer are the common animals that can be found in the area.

We were twelve (12) people from our group who participated in the open climb. Despite some minor nuisances, I guessed we were lucky enough -- we left Manila on time, the weather was good despite typhoon Paeng was just behind our backs, campsite was good, the jeepney we were riding did not encounter any trouble, proper timing in leaving Subic because right after dinner, there was a bus waiting for everyone.

Mike, thanks for inviting us. =)

Climb Itinerary

Day 1
0300H - 0600H Victory Bus from Pasay Station (Pasay to Olongapo-1st trip)
0600H - 0630H Assembly @ Chowking near Olongapo Victory Bus Station.
0630H - 0830H Registration @ Marikit Park
0830H - 0930H From Olongapo to Jump Off
1045H - 1200H Courtesy to visit Aeta's Chieftain. Start trek with Guides
1200H - 1300H Lunch time - Area of Solong David
1300H - 1700H Resume trek
1700H - 1730H Campsite
1730H - 2000H Prepare dinner
2000H - 2200H Socials
2200H - ~~~~~ Lights Out

0400H Wake-up call and summit @ Mount Cinco Picos
0600H Breakfast
0800H Break Camp
0830H Start descent
1200H Lunch time
1630H - 1730H Wash-up @ a river near Manong Andoy's
1730H - 1800H From Manong Andoy to Cemented Road
1800H - 1900H From Jump-off to SBMA Boardwalk
1900H - 2000H Distribution of Certificates
2000H - 2300H Victory Bus Station. Olongapo to Manila - Home Sweet Home

Other photos are here.

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