Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Unexpected & Unplanned Trip To Singapore

Dear Me,

It has been three (3) days since I arrived from my very unusual trip in
Singapore, otherwise known as the Lion City.

Unusual because it was a trip I never planned to take in such a very, very short notice (as in less than 24 hours). So, how could anyone expect me to be ready? Ahehehe. Goodness. I was having headaches and goosebumps from the tension.

Well, despite that, everything turned out well. I had great fun and it was the best trip ever I could think of.

I promise to come back and if things are wonderfully meant to be, I will be staying there for quite a while. Hihihi! =)

Photos will be out soon.


  1. Hi, Ivan...
    I'm interested to see your Singapore photos. Please drop me a line when you have them up.

    dodong flores

  2. Wow! Unexpected and unplanned trips usually turned out to be the best adventures ever. :) I'm loving the Lion City too. Hope I could stay there for quite a while din. hehehe! Looking forward to your pix (in multiply, perhaps? hehehe!)


  3. [dodongflores] - thanks. will try to or you can pop in here anytime. :)

    [armine] - you're right! it was the best. yes, i will post it in multiply and the rest here. =)

    mejo bastrip lang kasi yung vacation leave ko without pay pala. napaka-okray nitong office namin. hmp. sana di ko na lang sinabi ang totoo. it's what i get for being so honest when i feel guilty.

  4. Hi dear,

    Even though I dont get to see you while u are here, I hope you will have a great time as my renter this week!

    Be sure to let me know when u decide to drop by Singapore again!


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