Saturday, February 10, 2007

Farewell Jil & May

Dear Me,

It had been two (2) weeks since my officemates, Jil and May, resigned from the office. Honestly, the office atmosphere was never the same again without these two girls. They were like the cat and dog impersonated. If you didn't know them, you would think they were fighting when their paths crossed.

But nope, it was just their typical reaction with each other. They were like sisters, I guessed. Hehehe. Both girls could be such good companions when you want to shop and scour the tiangge for affordable 'kikay finds'. I know because I joined them twice or thrice.

I also enjoy the moments that we have conversations - whether it is about the bad things happening in the office, the ins-and-outs and the what-have-yous-&-what-ifs of love relationships, the future ahead of us and of course, the daily trashing we (or shall I say - I) gave to Kris Aquino & Pia Guanio. Hehehe. Yep, those were the good but not so old days.

With both of them gone, I may probably follow suit. Thinking about it, I have been wanting to leave way, way back. I was the first one to signify my intention. Unfortunately, a lot - TJ, Jho, Pam, Rose, Ria and lately, Jil & May - had left leaving me "to fend on my own". I only have one (1) ally left and I just hope I will be gone before she does. Hahaha.

Bad thing is I am on the verge of pushing my plans (forever plans - hehehe) for another month or two. One moment I am ready, the next, I am considering the idea of postponing it.

For those who know my plans, I am sure they will taunt me again for backing out. I am not really backing out. I am just trying to stretch my options. It is not so easy to decide just like that when you already have obligations not only for yourself but for others, too. I am not so young anymore and one mistake committed will not be that easy to rectify. Sometimes, one has to weigh the pros and cons of every serious decision one makes so as not to create heavy repercussions that will later on give one a big headache.

PS. For Jil & May, I wish you both goodluck and may you find what you are looking for. Keep in touch.


  1. Nice thoughts there lowlah, thanks at naappreciate nyo sobra yung away namen este! lambingan namen ni May. I also miss you guys especially the old pals.

    What can I say but thanks to the happy memories with you in and out at the office. I miss our shopping galore sa landmark hehe. And good luck to your forever plans. Whatever it is, just follow what your heart says and you will never loose your way. Basta babalitaan mo ko ha.

    Thanks a lot! God Bless!

  2. [lowlah jil] - hexques meeeh! hehehe. hindi na forever plans. Lalayas na ko dito! Malapit na. Yahoo. *winks*


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