Saturday, February 10, 2007

What Am I Like?

Dear Me,

Quoted from
BBC's Science and Nature section, find out What Personality Am I Like for yourself.

- This test is 20 questions long and should take about 10 minutes.

- It is made up of four sets of five questions and you will find out about a different aspect of your personality after every five questions.

- At the end of the test, you will be assigned one of 16 possible personality types.

- This personality test can't tell you exactly what you are like. No survey can predict personality type with 100 % accuracy. Experts say we should use personality type descriptions to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.

- The test was developed for the television programme 'What Am I Like? The Personality Test'.

- It is a simplified personality test based on personality type theory, devised by psychologists.

- It is not a replacement for the full Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire and the results are not intended to be the psychometric or practical equivalent to MBTI questionnaire results.

I took the test and for every set of 5 questions and true enough, it revealed something a little about me. Hehehe.

Set Categories:
1st set: Planner or Spontaneous?
2nd set: Facts or Ideas?
3rd set: Heads or Hearts?
4th set: Extrovert or Introvert?

1st set: I am Spontaneous, not a Planner.
(I am flexible and take life as it comes).

2nd set: I am more of a Facts person, less of an Ideas person.
(I am a practical person who remembers details from my surroundings).

3rd set: I use my Head more rather than my Heart.
(When making a decision, I tend to weigh the possible consequences in a logical, detached way).

4th set: I am an Extrovert person, not an Introvert.
(I tend to focus on and get my motivation from the world around me).


Based on my answers regarding the four aspects suggest that my personality type is a

As a Go-Getter, the person is:
.. inventive, resourceful problem-solvers with a love of life.
.. can be tough-minded when necessary.
.. think of themselves as enthusiastic, determined and alert.
.. may become frustrated by rules and routines...
... of which I truly am.

Go-getters are active, flexible people who put a great deal of energy into life. This group prefers learning on the job to quiet study and willingly jumps into almost any situation. Others are attracted to the Go-getter's positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Go-getters find fun ways to tackle problems head-on and don't worry too much about rules. They are good at using logic to assess the situation and finding realistic solutions.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Go-getters may reject all routines and put fun ahead of responsibilities. Under extreme stress, Go-getters may become overwhelmed by thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong.

Go-getters may be liable to forget important dates such as a loved one's birthday.
I absolutely agree with this. When I truly want something, I deal with it head-on with a certain degree of passion and enthusiasm. I also prefer to utilize the rational, practical and logical approach to life in general. And when things still go wrong despite everything, I prefer to leave the problem/s for a while, forget it, have fun and be back facing the problem/s with a fresh perspective. Most of the time, it works giving me a new high. =)

And of course, I am guilty also about being forgetful of important dates. Hehehe.

The other 15 personality types are:
Big Thinker, Counsellors, Idealist, Innovator, Leader, Mastermind, Mentor, Nurturer, Peacemaker, Performer, Provider, Realist, Resolver, Strategist, Supervisor.


  1. I'm a "resolver", Ivan. Thanks for sending me the link to the test. We match up on the second and third part but I'm a planner and introvert on those other two parts.

  2. i took this test way back in 2005. they said i was a leader.
    Kinda cool to find this out. :)
    My results are:

  3. [utenzi, katz] - hehehe! sometimes, when i don't feel like writing anything, i check this kind of test because i felt curious. =)


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