Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heart's Day

Dear Me,

I wasn't born Catholic so I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day.

I just like the occasion due to the rousing fanfare it accompanies. One cannot deny the fact that this event has become over-rated and commercialized and yet, it brings a certain surge of emotions to anyone - whether single or attached.

Well, dear papi picked me up yesterday at the office with my chocolates. Hehehe. You just couldn't imagine the smile I had on my face. Chocolates are just one of the things on top of my list that can make my day.

Anyway, we were supposed to have dinner in one of the restos at Greenbelt but I suddenly felt that the surroundings there didn't match my mood. So I told papi that we could have dinner somewhere in Glorietta. I guessed we were both craving for a taste of baby back ribs so we ended up dining at Kenny Roger's Roasters. It had been a while since we dined there and I wasn't disappointed. I relished my tender baby back ribs with so much gusto. Mmm.

PS. I wonder if the flowers were delivered to him?

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