Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Playing Sudoku

Dear Me,

Lately, my hobbies are ranging from reading books, watching episode series via dvd to playing sudoku puzzles.

I am totally addicted.

Well, I came across this number puzzle way back 2000. My Japanese superior gave me this one piece of paper containing the sudoku puzzle. For years, I paid no attention to it because I have no idea how to do it.

My new mobile phone, a N6131, which was given to me as a holiday present by my papi had a sudoku game installed.

I came about it out of boredom. You know, bored in a long trip with nothing but my mobile phone switched on. I searched for something to do - text, take photos, call... Then, I decided to try the games installed and both games - snake & bomb - made the trip duller for me.

Sudoku saved the day.

From then on, I played every night as I board the shuttle back home from Makati. At least, it prevented me from oversleeping and from having to travel another 15 minutes just because I missed my stop. Hehehe.

Anyway, I am planning to buy a sudoku magazine since the game in my mobile phone only allows me to play for a while and not keep my scores. You see, the game is for 100 puzzles and I cannot finish that in just one sitting. Also, I have to sign out in the middle of a game if I am to take a message or call.

So, I am gonna buy one sudoku mag for myself. =)

Wondering what Sudoku is? Here.


  1. sudoku addict ka rin pala, hehehe :D

  2. [aaron] - hehehe. March na eh. Happy Summer Time! Time to hit the beach.

    [jary] - korekek! tagal bago ko natutunan. =)


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