Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Of Horoscopes, Tarots, Names

Dear Me,

I am not actually a believer of these things for I believe in two (2) things: it's is either I create my own destiny or/and the spiritual power intervenes in my behalf.

There are times that I really cannot help but read my stars every morning (since every morning I monitor the broadsheets at work). I usually smile at myself whenever my horoscope reveals something true, pleasant and positive. If it is negative, I shrug it off; if it is negative and about my lovelife, I throw a tantrum at my boyfriend. Hahaha.

As I said, I really do not take it to heart what my horoscope says. =)

Anyway, I'm doing away with the horoscope stuff. What really catches my fancy now is tarot & the Western card reading. Same as the horoscopes, I do not rely on what the card says about my life. Again, it is fun.

My Weekly Tarot
As it happens rather often, you'll have the impression that happiness is only something that can't be grasped. Open your eyes: human happiness does exist, and it's easy to be reached! Your natural charm and magnetism will be quite operative and will give you opportunities to make very pleasant encounters. Relations with foreign countries will prove complicated, consisting of disputes, endless discussions, ruptures of negotiations or contracts; one could only recommend you to show much diplomacy and patience.

My Weekly Card
You'll be strongly tempted to conquer hearts and you'll have many successes. You'll make important encounters which will allow you to exploit your hidden talents. A promotion of your career is probable. Beware of overwork and stress, which might cause a cardiac incident from which you could never recover completely.

Some friends may do harm to you. You'll keep the family reins firmly and you won't bear that one of your close relatives challenge your authority; however, if you adopt the soft way, you'll get much better results.

My Name
Your first name is marked with the sense of reality, efficiency, perseverance, and stakes its happiness on tranquility. Indeed, it's vital for you to be assured of what can shelter you from want — be it a garden to cultivate, a job that provides your daily bread, or a larger enterprise to which you'll devote yourself. You almost always yearn for a possession which permits you to be relatively sure of the morrow. In order to reach your objectives, you don't dream but you reveal yourself a tireless worker. You resemble a plow ox, which is peaceful, slow, stuck in its habits, but capable of displaying considerable force and accomplishing a useful task patiently.

You feel all deprivation very acutely. Any diminution — be it a physical limitation, a loss of activity, or the absence of a dear one — is a dispossession for you. It's why people sometimes denounce your kind selfishness, your avidity which, once brought to the extreme, may give birth to tendencies to cornering.

Stubbornness, which is one of your main characteristics, precludes all possibility of compromise. It's particularly difficult, almost impossible, for you to go back on a decision, to modify your opinion or your sentiments. As a result, there may be great moral sufferings and long-lasting disagreements which will affect you in the first place.

Your courage and patience are legendary. They constitute your force, allowing you to always relentlessly fight all odds in order to reach your objectives. But they can also be a cause of your doom for you'd prefer persisting in your error to changing your mind.

It would be erroneous to see in you only this aspect which is calm, balanced, and little prone to emotions. If circumstances demand it, you can perfectly get into the arena and fight gallantly for your success, your profit. When you break out, it's a formidable big cat that one faces. One should never underestimate your force of reaction. It's true that you seem to take time to be moved, but all facts will have been registered and all wrongs strongly felt. And when some kind of level is reached, the poison of anger gushes out powerfully in your soul, thus making you trample even what was the dearest to you. But you'll improve with age since it takes you time to become conscious of yourself and to evolve.

Your existence is centered on an immense love for life and on its pleasures. Your sensuality is therefore very well developed, but this sensuality is wholesome and very close to nature. You know how to savor the pleasure that comes from the satisfactions of the senses. In trying to better extract the joy included in each moment of life, you give precedence to gourmandise and enjoyment.

Wanna know yours? Maybe this site can help you.

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