Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Dear Me,

I am one of those people who are paranoid about other people deliberately snooping on my personal details. It is a known fact how our personal information can be used against us. I have heard a lot of scary things that happened and can happen if those vital information will get into the wrongs hands.

But then, it cannot be denied how convenient online banking is. I, myself, have jumped to the bandwagon. It is easier to deal with and facilitates your financial transactions - your supposed errands.

Anyway, I am sharing the following information (courtesy of BPI Express Online) though I have it revised for general connotation.

Phishing e-mails are sent to trick you into revealing personal and financial information. Don't be a victim.

We suggest that you use this short checklist to protect yourself against phishing attacks.

  1. Begin your session by manually typing the web address of your bank into your browser.

  2. Avoid disclosing personal or account details via email or embedded link. Be skeptical of unsolicited e-mails, especially those that concern personal/account information. Delete suspicious emails or email attachments without opening them, even if they seem to have originated from someone you know.

  3. Notify the sending company if you receive a suspicious email. Contact your bank directly.

  4. Check the security certificate of the web page. Before entering personal or account information into a site, make sure it is secure. In Internet Explorer, you can do this by checking the yellow lock on the status bar. A closed lock is an indication of an encrypted site.

    If you think you may have responded to a suspicious email, change your password online as soon as possible.
Be cautious enough to protect yourself so you can prevent getting involved in something you don't want to happen.


  1. This is one of the drawbacks of the modern life. We get so used to the conveniences that sometimes we overlook the risks involved.

    But as they say, It is always better to be safe than sorry!

  2. [blue panther] - i think getting ahead is inevitable. A little caution will be helpful. =)


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