Friday, March 9, 2007

Take Care, Dear Brother

Dear Me,

I never expected it to be so soon. In fact, I never thought it would even materialize.

Last Saturday, we accompanied my brother
Jepoy, our youngest, to the airport. He flew to UAE (Dubai specifically), together with two (2) other guys he knew from work in EEI Corporation.

The family was so sad. Mamu was crying. Papa was just silent, keeping his sadness to himself. My sister was just ok, trying to look brave for him. The girlfriend, as usual, acted mature. Sister's bf, I couldn't thank him enough for driving us all to the airport. My bf, always the helpful and knows-what-to-do-type-of-guy, sounded jolly and positive.

I cried...for a few seconds but didn't allow him to see that I really felt so sad.

I am the eldest in the brood and he is the youngest. Like my mother, I am protective of my siblings. But unlike her, I am willing to let them go so they can find their own place in this world. Well, it is just difficult because not seeing or knowing his physical presence nearby creates a certain kind of emotional conflict. You know, the what-ifs.

But of course, I have to be looking on the bright side.

To my brother, be good. Take care of yourself - eat well, sleep well, work well. We are just an email away. =)

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