Thursday, March 1, 2007

Reunion With Friends - Part 2

Dear Me,

January and February were my social months. During these months, I met and dined out with my friends.

It was good to see them and chatter about the old times. Promise. I was not only full because of the food we ordered and ate but as well as from the laughter everybody elicits.

dinner @ Teriyaki Boy Megastrip with Nick, Jon, Jary (not in the photo)

Actually, it was more like I cried the whole time we were together. Serious stuff. But just the same, I had fun.

The rest of the photos are here.


Early February, I had dinner with Chummy (from atmc) and Francis. Together with papi, we hooked up at almost 8:00 in the evening and ordered a yummy dinner at North Park Noodle House in Glorietta Makati. I felt kinda embarassed because Francis was so early (kuno). Hehehe.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take snapshots of those 2.


Mid-February, I (together with my papi) met up with my pals from px. Ay grabe! Hehehe.

Even though a handful of them showed up, it was fun pa din. Mariel is such a funny girl. Jovee is *ahem* funnier? Jon and Ayah - cute couple. Hehehe. Basta.

By the way, I am craving for Pork Vienna from Pancake House ha. =)

The rest of the photos are here.


Last Tuesday, I had dinner with my college pals, Flores and Licel at this new seafood resto (I forgot the name), which was just a few walks away from the Oakwood Premiere Hotel in Glorietta.

Goodness. I loved the food. We ordered this meal package served in a big pile of banana leaves. You don't have to use plates and instead, get the servings you want and eat in one corner. It was a combination of seafood, pork, chicken and fish.

Siempre, busog kami ulit ni papi. Hehehe.

With all that dining, no wonder that I am gaining weight. Juskudai!


  1. uy thanks. hehe. pahingi naman ng "larger" copy nung hoto namin ni ayah. :)

  2. [jon] - nasa multiply po. =)

    [ea] - welcome back!


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