Thursday, March 1, 2007

Things To Do & Think About

Dear Me,

Despite the nonexistence of a typical day at work, I am able to do a number of personal stuff and of which, I will still have to do till the day I leave my humble territory this side of the office.

Yep. A busy day it is.
  1. clean my personal inbox - downloaded various photos sent through email (this way, I can finally consolidate my photo archive at home)
  2. read through pile of papers about photography, photoshop, restaurants, food & cuisine, technology, weddings, etc (it's time to read, sort, distribute and clean up)
  3. upload photos in my Multiply photo page - it's hard when you have to choose from the tons of photos you have and doing the 3r (resize, rotate, rename). Line-up: Mt. Apo, Cebu, Singapore, etc.
  4. download movies and songs from limewire - Majority of the movies I downloaded are horror films. Hehehe. Also, I was able to get the 2 popular songs from the movie, Music & Lyrics
  5. check job ads and apply online - I really have to find a new job soon! I want to breathe fresh air in a fresh surrounding.
  6. pack all my personal stuff from my drawer and cabinet in a big, paper bag - I only realize that I have so many things here (books, magazines, stuff toys, mugs, cute collection of boxes, teeny-weeny thingies, etc)
  7. do the 5s job with my work stuff - I've been doing this for the nth time. Sheesh. (clean my pc of personal stuff, properly document my past projects)

It is easier to do the things you think you need to do especially if you have an idea of how to do it. But it is harder when you do not know how things are gonna be if you have no idea how to start. My mind has been preoccupied with a lot of things and I really want to have a smooth-sailing start.

My brother is about to leave for UAE to work as a civil engineer. I just hope he will be fine. Of course, he will be. It is just that he is our youngest and it is difficult to have him leave. Hehehe. My sister is quite worried. Hehehe. She said who would be the one to give a bathe to our dog, Sakura? Hahaha. Loka-loka.

By June, I am definitely out of here. It's time to move on.


  1. Cool! Papunta din ako ulit sa UAE ngayong March. Don't worry about your brother. OK naman dun. :)

  2. [johnheart] - the family usually chat with my brother online every Friday. =) He seemed fine.


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