Monday, May 21, 2007

Changes, Happenings

Dear Me,

For more than two (2) months, I haven't been around. Well, I was busy with a lot of things:
  1. my resignation at a company I've worked for almost 7 years
  2. my civil wedding held last May 2
  3. my 'evacuation' (aka transfer) to a bigger room in the house
  4. my pregnancy

Yup. These were (and still are) the ones that kept me pre-occupied and abuzz during those months. Honestly, I had to contend with physical and emotional stress. I never thought that things as major as the above would happen simultaneously.

Despite that, I am very happy at the moment.


  1. Take care of yourself...

    Tell me a bit more about MB...???

  2. Kaya pala ang tagal mo hindi nag update.. ang daming nangyari. Wow! Married ka na :) Best wishes!

  3. congratulations on the baby & marriage!! weeee!! ^_^

  4. interesado po ako sa tent< please email me at contact me at 0906-269-3909.tnx

  5. [lonnie] - mb is actually the unborn child in my womb. hehehe. well, i'm in my 4th month already and will be having my 2nd ultrasound soon. =)

    [tanda] - sinabi mo. hehehe. been very busy and yes, thank you. when will you be tracking the same path? =) soon, i hope.

    [ea] - thanks girl! how's sagada?

    [anonymous] - i emailed you already. check your inbox pls.


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