Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Farewell After 7 Years

Dear Me,

If it weren't for the supposed Singapore move-out and the baby, I wouldn't be able to truly file my long-delayed resignation from the company. Last March 30th, I entered our Executive Director's office and handed him my resignation letter (which I had prepared for I-don't-know-when). He was surprised. Actually, he was the last one to know among the people there. It was no secret to the national staff and I informed my immediate superiors about my plan two (2) weeks before that.

Well, my resignation took effect last April 30th. It was a busy one month for me - the cleaning up, packing up stuff, accomplishing pending tasks, final goodbyes to other colleagues in and out of the office, meetings and the turn-over.

Thinking it over then, I felt relieved and gloomy at the same time. I've been wanting to resign since time immemorial but looking back as well, made me teary-eyed. It was in that company where I started learning and honing my skills to survive in the corporate world. It was where I further learned to express myself and speak out my mind. It was where I cultivated my social skills amongst the various people from the national & local government, NGOs, private and business sector, industry groups and the academe.

For almost 7 years, I finally bid everyone goodbye.

moi together with the national staff & Japanese directors

a cheery toast for me from everybody =)

memorabile handed to me by Vanessa;
shot with my boss & successor Ao

my heartfelt gratitude for having this Pritchon from Charlie's -
ang lakas ko sa inyo *winks*

sugod! mga kafatid! *belat*
Lea & Ma'am Beth =)

thank you, Bert; JETRO gels - Ao, Alyne, Salva


These are the contents of my memorabile: photos, letters, funny captions, stickers, etc.

I will forever treasure this one. Perfect with Starbucks!
the good bosses - IT, TM, KH, HYa

2 pages lovingly done by boss KH for me. =)
He stole his daughters' stickers to make his pages for me. Hehehe.

That's our adorable, funny boss KH. Always the smiling face!
This was a photo from my early days (way back 2000) given to me
by my Research Director, HYo. He used to be my counterpart from Tokyo.

love notes from buddies Salva and Vanessa. Thank you, girls!

That was my birthday photo & my favorite mango torte cake! =)
Alyne's note labored with love (daw). Hehehe.

These were from Lea and Judith. Thanks!


To my immediate superior, TI, I am very thankful for these goodbye presents.


To everyone, thank you very much. I promise to keep in touch! =)

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