Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Got Hitched

Dear Me,

It had been a month since we got hitched. We had the civil rites last May 2nd. It seemed like yesterday.

Since I resigned a few days before that, I didn't pursue looking for a new job. So, I am definitely one of the many housewives out there right now.

If you're going to ask me how it's like being at home 24 hours a day, I can say that it is absolutely boring. Of course, I do the house chores but still, doing the same things, the routine, all over again (everyday) drive me insane.

But on the bright side, it gives me a certain type of gratification - I can do the things anytime I want. I don't have to follow a strict time code to do stuff. I can sleep (I do have siesta every afternoon) and eat anytime I desire.

My everyday schedule when hubby leaves the house:
  1. tidy-up our room
  2. sweep the floors of the entire house
  3. wash the dishes
  4. do the laundry with the aid of mr. washing machine
  5. read a book while the laundry is on the roll
  6. cook lunch for me and my father
  7. log in to the world wide web (internet)
  8. continue reading a book
  9. siesta time (snooze)
  10. wash the dishes from lunch
  11. cook dinner
  12. take a cold bath
  13. wait for hubby
  14. have QT together (watch episodes, chat)

Well, that's about it. From Monday to Friday, this is how my day goes.

Sometimes, I get so blue with all these that I tend to demand more time from him. Hehehe. =)

Anyway, I always look forward to the coming weekends because we can spend more time together. Like last weekend, we watched
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, shopped for our monthly groceries at SM Tayuman, etc.

I need to log-out. Siesta time! =)

PS. still compiling photos from the wedding.


  1. OMG! I've missed so much already! Congratulations on your marriage!!

    Will definitely have to visit your page more often. By the way, I love the color! :)

  2. [katz] - thanks, girl! :)


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