Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Dear Me,

Here's another
Thursday Thirteen! Since I am due to give birth come October, I (hubby gave me full authority) am thinking of what beautiful names to call my baby. =)

Actually, I want two names for my baby. I just don't know which yet. *hmm* I prefer Russian or Spanish-sounding names. Please feel free to share your ideas. =)

Thirteen Names I'm Thinking Of -
For My Baby Boy (if it will be a boy)

  1. Ivan
  2. Anthony
  3. Vaughn
  4. Alex/Alexander
  5. Yuri
  6. Paolo
  7. Dexter
  8. Marcus
  9. Erick
  10. Bryce
  11. Alejandro
  12. Diego
  13. Miguel

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  1. lapit ka na pala maging nanay

    ako kaya kelan maging tatay? hehe

  2. Miguel or Bryce are cute names :-)

  3. Wow! Wonderful names. If I had to pick two, I'd pick Alejandro or Miguel.

  4. Parang astig yung "ROY" ehhehe... "Roy Ronald = King Admirable" heheheh...

  5. [tutubi] - yup, october due. hehehe. ikaw? magtanim ka muna daw... *joke*

    [prudence] - :)

    [gem] - wow! miguel seems to be a runner!

    [roy] - ganon? baka maging maton yung anak ko nyan. hehehe.


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