Monday, July 16, 2007

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Dear Me,

A meme from
Joan. Feeling kinda lazy these days. Hmm.
  1. Foods you hate: In general? Those with pickles and big, uncooked onions.

  2. Fruits that you hate: Nothing in particular. In fact, I love eating them. =)

  3. Veggies that you hate: Hate is such a strong word. Well, I dislike radish.

  4. Celebrities or people that you hate: Lolit Solis (celebrity ba sya??), Ruffa Gutierrez (I'd rather have her big mouth shut), Paris Hilton (typical stereotype of an heiress)

  5. Events/incidents/situations you hate: showbiz brouhaha especially couples washing their filthy and smelly linens in public - so cheap, nonsense bickerings from our dishonorable politicians

  6. TV shows or movies that you hate: anything local showbiz...

  7. Type of music that you hate: hard rock

  8. Household chores that you hate: nothing in particular...

  9. Things you hate about the world: justice not served, inequality

  10. Things that you hate about yourself: I'm kinda extreme. I have bad traits/attitude that sometimes become an asset and vice versa. But one thing I can definitely point out is that I hate myself when I cannot take back the painful words I have uttered. There's nothing I can do to soften the blow. *sigh*

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to tag yourself. Hehehe.


  1. hi ivan... thanks for the reply.. and for droppin' by my site... =)hope the meme somehow eased your boredom, if ever you are.. ^_^


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!