Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Best Brownies

Dear Me,

I used to dislike brownies before. I happened to take a bite of it after a meal and it was as hard as a rock. Sheesh. From then on, I vowed not to eat any.

There will come a time that things have to change and you'll acquire a new perspective. It happened to me. I have to thank my sister for that (she doesn't know...hehehe). One time, she brought a box of these delightful-looking brownies from
Brownies Unlimited. She offered me a piece but I declined.

The following day while I was all alone at home, I felt like I wanted to munch something. I rummaged the contents of the fridge and saw the box of brownies my sister brought that night. I checked the yummiest looking brownie in the pack and took a bite. Wow! It was literally mouth-watering.

I ended up devouring the remaining brownies in the box. =)

There you go. My dislike turned to uber-fondness overnight.

Anyway, a friend of mine told me about this bakeshop somewhere near De La Salle University. It's called
Becky's Kitchen. Specifically located along the stretch of Vito Cruz, Manila, this cake shop has become a household name among its sweet-toothed patrons.

Aside from its famous chewy brownies, Becky's also sells pastries, crinkles, cheese roll, food for the gods, coffee cream cake, potato cake, blueberry cheese cake, caramel cake, swiss chocolate cake, ensaymadas, chocolate mousse, lemon squares, etc.

Who wants to go brownie-hunting with me? I am definitely checking it out. =)

Becky's Kitchen
1061 P. Ocampo corner Bautista St.
Singalong, Manila
T#: 525-1648, 523-4245


  1. becky's kitchen! sobrang sarap dyan. if you also like lemon squares and food for the gods, try mo din yun =)
    sobrang tagal na yung becky's kitchen.

    you should also try conti's. meron sa bf paranaque, greenhills tsaka sa may serendra sa fort. best seller yung mango bravo nila.

    try mo din yung cupcakes by sonja sa serendra sa fort. masarap yung oversized brownies nila. it looks dry pero di talaga dry. hehe. tapos matutuwa ka sa store nila kasi yung pagkakadesign parang mala 50s!

  2. i understand where you are coming from with the food issues. there are somethings you try for the first time and if it sucks, it can turn you off to it for life.

    i think it can also work the opposite way, in that you love something when you first try it and over do it and end up hating it forever. the first time i ever drank miller genuine draft i had like 12 longnecks and now i can even touch the stuff. i had a buddy that had the same thing happen with whiskey sours, but that was way gross.


  3. [karla] - thanks for the suggestion. Naglalaway na tuloy ako. hehehe. For now, pass muna pero I'm having Becky's in my list. I'm pregnant so too much sweet is a no-no. =)

    [helmsdeep] - yeah, yeah. Sometimes, we see, hear, smell and taste things differently as time passes us by. Hihihi! =)

  4. Hi Ivan,
    I was panicking earlier when I learned that Becky's kitchen run out of crinkles at their Valle Verde branch. Good thing you posted the address the contact numbers of their branch in Manila..big help. My nephew who's based in London is craving for them. Will send crinkles for him this Christmas, that's all he wants for Christmas! Yummy treat, indeed! Thanks for posting their address and contact numbers. Will send my driver to get them.

    Hey, I happened to pass by Powerplant and discovered the Sweet Life by Ange's Sweet Surrender (Brazo de Mercedez with Icecream) by Sweet Life. They're there during weekends and Fridays. It's heavenly delicious, try it! I bought two boxes in our recent christmas party and it was a real hit!

  5. i wanna try becky's! ive heard great reviews about it.. their swiss choco cake is good daw!


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