Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Et Cetera

Dear Me,

She's beginning to annoy me, you know. The thing is: what she's doing isn't supposed to be a big deal. It doesn't just feel good that whatever I post in my other online page, she copies it in her own.

As I said, it isn't supposed to be big deal since I want to share it with everybody. The only thing that I don't like is she copies it at the same time that I post it. Obviously, my page has its own mirror page.

Goodness, girl! Be creative.

Last week was such a pleasant internet week. I got to blog, chat, surf, forward sensible messages (in short, I was spamming...hehehe) and exchange emails with good friends. The last task was the most enjoyable. I was so happy to keep in touch with friends I haven't seen nor heard for the longest time. Topics revolved around how I am and my current civil status plus the excitement of them knowing that I am pregnant; on the other hand, I got to keep tabs with where they live and how's their career, their folks and families (if they're already settled or still in the planning stages), about the good, old times in high school, updates from the mountaineering world, how's Baguio, news about a failed relationship, about planning to meet soon (before or after my delivery).

Abby (pex pal), Mike (ex-high school buddy), Francis (dinner pal from Toyota), Sir Mhel (from BWI), Uriah (one of my ex-high school trustworthy bestfriends) and Denise (mountaineering pal from MFPI): thank you for the meaningful exchange. You just didn't know how much I appreciated it. You guys took my boredom away. Hehehe. =)

I received word from my
Uncle Lito that Grandpa Ben had sent me a small post-wedding gift during his wife's recent vacation to the US. Honestly, I am curious what it is. *eye twinkles*

One of the beneficial things about the internet is being able to transact your financial obligations with bliss. Unfortunately, there are still some things that you have to do over the phone: say, cancelling 2 of your 3 credit cards and clarifying a billed charge over something you haven't gotten ahold of.

Yesterday, I paid the total instead of the minimum amount due in my
BPI Edge CC so as to finish my obligation as well as to lessen the load of worrying every month about which bills to pay. It's hard keeping track especially when you have limited funds.

This morning, I contacted a BPI phonebanker at 89-100 and requested to have my credit card/s account closed. The phone transaction was a breeze. Now, both my
BPI Edge and Mini-Edge CC are things of the past. =)

On another note, my
HSBC billing statement arrived right after the call. I was about to pay it online when I noticed something out of the ordinary. I was charged over a request for a Security Devise that hasn't been delivered to me for almost 5 months now. To think that the request will only take 3 weeks at the most. So, I contacted the customer service hotline at 85-800 for clarification. The agent told me that there was probably a glitch somewhere and that my request was probably being processed. He said he would follow it up and that if it was ok to give him a week for that. I said that he could have that week but I'll call after that and if I still didn't receive any feedback, I would have that request cancelled and the charge retracted from my balance. I guessed that was fair enough since I had been waiting for quite a while.

When I resigned from my work, I have been thinking then which credit cards to cancel:
BPI, HSBC, Citibank. I opted to cancel Citibank Gold first due to a "ripped off" annual fee and the fact that I would be jobless in a few months.

It was a toss between BPI and HSBC. I decided to forgo BPI despite maintaining a savings account with them. I have requested for a higher credit limit (months before my resignation) but the process was too cumbersome. Unlike HSBC, they automatically grant you a higher credit limit depending on your good credit standing.

In short, I am sticking with HSBC. I just hope that they are fast enough to act on client's inquiry and complaints.

Anyone interested? To those who cannot buy the real deal
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows book, I have here an ebook copy in PDF. Let me know if anyone wants it. =)

Also, if you are as crazy as I am with the
Spiderpig tune from The Simpsons movie, I have uploaded the mp3 here.

"Spiderpig, spiderpig,
does whatever a spiderpig does,
can he swing - from a web?
no he can't, he's a pig,
loooook out, he is the spiderpig!"


  1. Hi! Interesting blog you got there!

    It's so nice, it makes people copy it? I guess there's the flattery part there. But I know that it's also annoying, since you can't do anything about it. I guess, that's life.

    On the other hand, congrats! So, is it a baby girl or a boy? Do you know already?

  2. salamat sa mp3 ng spider pig!!!
    laugh trip talaga yung simpsons the movie! haha!

  3. [ms. vessa] - nice of you to drop by. =)

    well, it really goes both ways. I just hope she drops by and get the hint. Hehehe. =)

    thanks. It's a boy!

    [karla] - sure, sure. it was my hubby who told me to post it in multiply. As in, Homer is funny talaga with that pig. *laughs*


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