Monday, August 20, 2007

What About Your Job? A Meme

Dear Me,

Obviously, I am pretty bored. To snap out of it, I indulge myself in doing this meme from

Honestly, some memes (questions actually) posted are either too shallow or too stupid to answer. So, I searched for one that somehow makes sense. And I got one!

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You're a Personable!

As a Personable type, you are a true generator of original thoughts. You probably like to think that you're equally as good at spinning old ideas as you are at projecting what might be possible in the future.

Your compassionate nature draws people to you. Because you can relate to others, you see yourself as a diplomat of sorts. You prefer to avoid disruption in the workplace if at all possible — especially if you can help others avoid discord.

You are particularly intuitive when it comes to reading some people. And because of your social smarts, people tend to like being around you. That's part of the power you bring to work. But unless you're in the right job, these strengths could be stifled.

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  1. If you'd like a job-themed meme QUESTION to go along with your meme QUIZ, there's one at my site:

    Click here for my blog

  2. [melai] - go ahead...hehehe. saw you posted it in multiply. =)

    [clubbs] - thanks. will your site out. =)


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