Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19

Dear Me,

I have been thinking what to post for this day's drill. Hmm. All I can think of are the loads of errands and things to do this week and next week. I've got too many backlogs. So, I decided to make that list.

graphic courtesy of Emily

Thirteen Random Stuff To Do
This Week Till Next Week

  1. go to the local post office and mail some postcards before the news gets old. DONE!

  2. prepare the books for shipping. I recently joined a book swapping site and I'm enjoying it immensely. DONE!

  3. check the local office and the courier branch how much is the shipping cost/s for books. I want to know how expensive it will cost me, just in case. DONE! I didn't know mailing parcels could be that really costly.

  4. contact volunteer batchmates if they're attending the costume party on September 22nd. I really want to go but I want my friends to be there, too. We haven't seen each other for the longest time.

  5. visit former office and hand-over some dvds to an officemate. DONE! I also did some unfinished business, too.

  6. search a birthday gift for my sister. She's turning 27 this month. DONE! Actually, it was my hubby who thought and bought the nice gift(s) for her.

  7. visit the branch where I opened my ATM card and re-update some info. I need to re-enroll an account, too so as to facilitate my banking transactions online. DONE! I went there thrice because I was becoming forgetful...

  8. purchase a thank you gift for my hubby. He's been so nice to me - giving in to all my whims. =)

  9. wash the one-week dirty laundry. They're piling up high. DONE!

  10. have my prenatal check-up this Saturday. It was supposed to be last week but the strong rains and high waters prevented me and my hubby from going out. DONE!

  11. tidy up a particular area of our room to accommodate my hubby's "gift" for me. Surprise. DONE! Actually, hubby was the one who set it up and I just cleaned up the area. Hehehe!

  12. visit the SSS office and clarify some information about my current status. DONE! They weren't so helpful...

  13. attend the upcoming 28th Manila International Book Fair at the World Trade Center. Let me know if you're coming. =) DONE! Books shopping galore!

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  1. I love this template! And man what a list of stuff to do. Good luck on getting it all done.

    I'm a newbie and thought I'd stop by and say hey!

  2. Wow, you have a busy week ahead of you! Have fun in NYC... I was just there last month.

  3. You definitely do have a lot to do... and I have even more, but won't go into that, haha. I wish you well with all that. Happy T13!

  4. Hope you can finish your to-dos :)

    Happy TT!

  5. hullo guys! thanks for visiting and commenting on my T13. Yup, I hope to finish all those things to do by next week. =)

    See you on Thursday again.


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